New Music Picks: Anahí, Lauren Jauregui, Natalia Lafourcade, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features new albums from Kenia Os and Natalia Lafourcade, and Anahí makes her grand return with a Juan Gabriel duet.

Also on the list: Immasoul embraces her Caribbean roots in “Sugar Boi,” Lupita Infante celebrates Día De Los Muertos, and Lauren Jauregui reflects on a breakup. Plus, Manuel Turizo undertakes a sexy collaboration with María Becerra and Julieta Venegas’ puts out a heartfelt ballad.

Juan Gabriel and Anahí, “Déjame Vivir”

Anahí is making her comeback with the help of the late Mexican icon Juan Gabriel. Anahí, a former RBD singer, features on Gabriel’s posthumous single “Déjame Vivir.” Gabriel originally wrote the song in the 1980s and recorded it as a duet with Spanish singer Rocío Dúrcal. Before his passing in 2016, Gabriel also recorded it with Anahí. She told LATINA about collaborating with Gabriel, “I will always carry all those moments with Juan Gabriel in my heart. His invitation to sing with him was magical and for this song to finally come out is a dream!” The classic is completely transformed with a rock-infused kick. Anahí sounds like she’s having fun as she sings about living her best life. Gabriel’s eternal vocals give his message about embracing who you are that fiery passion that will forever remain in his recordings. “Déjame Vivir” is a fierce, feel-good collaboration.

Lauren Jauregui, “Always Love”

Lauren Jauregui has returned with her new single “Always Love.” The song marks the Cuban-American singer’s first taste of new music since the release of last year’s “Prelude” EP. In the stripped-down ballad, Jauregui reflects on parting ways with her ex, Ty Dolla Sign. Backed by the gentle strum of an electric guitar, she sings about life after moving on from that intimate relationship. She told LATINA that the song, “is a ballad from my soul. I wrote it after a profound breakup in my life. It was my way of processing the complex emotion that I was feeling where I knew that I was no longer supposed to be with this person but I truly loved them so much. Jauregui added that though they are no longer together romantically, that she’ll always cherish the memories. “It was a reflection on the beautiful and not so beautiful parts that made our story what it was and a reminder to them and myself that even though it didn’t work, it’s always love,” she said.

Natalia Lafourcade, “De Todas Las Flores”

Natalia Lafourcade has released her first new album of original material in seven years. The Mexican singer-songwriter returns with her LP “De Todas Las Flores.” Speaking on how the album came together, Lafourcade told LATINA, “I felt an inner call that soon turned into a powerful need. In the midst of the pandemic, I realized that I was hiding from myself, which made me reflect and understand that I had to break the ice and return to the recording studio.” Lafourcade remains an original in Latin music with her unique fusions. In June, she first teased the album with the flamenco-influenced “Tierra Querida.” The song “De Todas Las Flores” sounds like blues music done in Spanish. Now there’s elements of jazz in the heartfelt love song “Mi Manera De Querer.”

Kenia Os, “K23”

Kenia Os has released her second album of the year. She followed up March’s “Cambios De Luna” with her latest “K23.” The LP marks a new era in the Mexican pop star’s career. Os told LATINA, “I have always believed that we all have different universes within us and I thought that there was something in me that I had not explored. Then ‘K23’ came about and from there the idea of the album, the songs, the design and everything began to come out.” She first previewed the futuristic direction with the fierce track “Mia Mia.” Now she is embracing elements of nineties house music in the club banger “Flores.” Os hits the dance floor to get over heartbreak. Her “K23” era marks quite the Latin pop evolution.

Immasoul, “Sugar Boi”

Immasoul is a revelation in the emerging Latin R&B scene. Earlier this year, the Mexican singer teamed up with Toronto-based rapper Kofi for their swaggering collaboration “Na Pa Ti.” For her new single “Sugar Boi,” Immasoul proudly embraces her Caribbean roots. Backed by lush Afrobeats, she sings about the magical relationship she shares with her life partner of over 10 years. Through her soulful voice, the love that Immasoul feels is tangible in her captivating performance. She casts a spell over the listener with this alluring love song. In the music video that was shot in Belize, Immasoul brings the Caribbean vibes behind “Sugar Boi” to life.

Manuel Turizo and María Becerra, “Éxtasis”

Manuel Turizo has one of the biggest songs of the year with his breakthrough hit “La Bachata.” For his new single “Éxtasis,” the Colombian singer teamed up with Argentine pop star María Becerra. The song uniquely blends Afrobeats influences with a bit of the reggaeton style that Turizo is known for. Backed by the tropical sound, he trades verses with Becerra about a romance that feels like it’s on a constant climax. Turizo told LATINA, “I feel very happy to see what I am achieving with my music, This is a very beautiful song full of love like everything I do for my fans, and I hope to continue surprising them with more songs and more of what I love to do, which is music.” Turizo’s next album “2000” is due out early next year.

Lupita Infante, “Las Flores Del Camposanto”

Lupita Infante is getting in the spirit of the upcoming Día De Los Muertos on Nov. 1 and 2. In honor of the traditional Mexican holiday, she released a cover of the classic “Las Flores Del Camposanto.” The Mexican-American singer breathes new life into the song that was popularized by Óscar Chávez with her heartfelt performance. Speaking about recording her own mariachi cover, Infante told LATINA, “‘Las Flores del Camposanto’ is a song that I heard for the first time on a Day of the Dead playlist. I did not understand it the first time I heard it, since it is from a poem, I had to keep listening and listening to find the beauty that is most hidden. I feel that it is what I love the most about this song.” She dedicated the haunting ballad to her loved ones that have passed on, including her late grandfather, Mexican icon Pedro Infante.

Julieta Venegas, “La Nostalgía”

Julieta Venegas just released the last teaser of her upcoming album “Tu Historia.” The Mexican singer-songwriter previewed the project throughout the year with upbeat releases like “Mismo Amor” and “Te Encontré.” She slows things down with her newest single “La Nostalgía.” The heartfelt ballad lives up to its name. Venegas reminisces about her home and family in Tijuana, Mexico, and her own relocation to Argentina. Backed by a lush orchestral arrangement, Venegas makes the nostalgic state of mind feel tangible with this beautifully vulnerable track. Her “Tu Historia” album will be released on Nov. 10.

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