New Music Picks: Becky G, Demi Lovato, Nohemy, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features Becky G’s mambo detour with Omega, Nohemy’s debut album, and Demi Lovato’s Scream anthem.

Also on the list: Roxiny’s empowering “Ni Santas Ni Putas,” Nicki Nicole’s post-breakup bop, and Vale’s magical duet with Marco Mares. Plus, Karol G’s unique spin on “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and Maluma’s sweet serenade for women.

Becky G and Omega, “Arranca”

Becky G embraces mambo music alongside one of the genre’s icons, Omega. She teamed up with the Dominican singer for her new single “Arranca.” Backed by tropical beats, Becky G sings about shaking off on ex on the dancefloor. The mambo-infused banger marks the Mexican-American artist’s first time exploring the genre and she sounds like she’s having a blast. “It’s just a vibe,” Becky G told LATINA. “The song ‘Arranca’ was made with the intention to really just continue to demonstrate that I’m a genre-less artist.” Next up, Becky G will perform at Coachella in April while she is hard at work on a regional Mexican music album.

Nohemy, “La La La”

Nohemy is giving Latin music an EDM spin with her debut album NoHaus. The title is a mash-up of her name with “haus,” the German word for house. The Puerto Rican singer previously teased the club-ready album with “Te Vas” remix featuring Robi. Another standout cut is alluring “LaLaLa,” where she sings about a woman who drives her wild. Nohemy is blazing a trail and dancing to the beat of her own house music. “I want to be known as a producer as well as an artist,” Nohemy told LATINA. “I want to open doors for artists, creatives, and women who want to make their dreams a reality.”

Demi Lovato, “Still Alive”

Demi Lovato sings about being a survivor in “Still Alive.” The Mexican-American superstar comes through with a pop-rock anthem for the movie Scream VI, which stars Latina actresses Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega. “I couldn’t think of a more perfect home for ‘Still Alive’ than within the ‘Scream’ universe,” she shared in a statement. “I’m a huge fan of the films, so it’s an honor to contribute to such an iconic horror franchise.” Lovato packs a punch with her emotional performance while encouraging listeners to hang in there. Scream VI is now playing in theaters.

Nicki Nicole, “No Voy A Llorar”

Nicki Nicole continues to be one of Latin music’s most exciting alternative artists. The Argentine singer returned late last year with the EDM-influenced “Frío.” For her new single “No Voy A Llorar,” she blends hip-hop beats with elements of electronica. With her versatile flow, she switches between rapping and singing about staying strong following a breakup. According to Nicole, the emotional track was part of her “healing” process. “I’ve been making a lot of music that represents me,” Nicole told LATINA. “I feel that I’m showing a super personal and super intimate part of me. [This song] is super personal.”

Roxiny, “Ni Santas Ni Putas”

Roxiny is one of Latin music’s most electrifying voices. The Dominican-American singer draws inspiration from Las Marchas de Las Putas happening around the world in her new single “Ni Santas Ni Putas.” In the guitar-driven track with tribal beats, Roxiny channels the popular chant from women’s marches into an empowering battle cry. “We’re not abiding by the laws that diminished our mothers and their mothers before them,” she told LATINA. “We’re fighting for a future that nurtures equality for us, for our daughters, and generations of girls to come.”

Karol G, “Mientras Me Curo Del Cora”

Last week, Karol G made history with her latest album Mañana Será Bonito. The Colombian superstar became the first woman to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with an all-Spanish language LP. To celebrate her success, Karol G released the music video for “Mientras Me Curo Del Cora,” which is her reggaeton-lite spin on Bobby McFerrin’s classic “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” Backed by the ukulele, she sings about healing her heart with plenty of self-love. The feel-good bop is a standout on her album where she channels her difficult times into colorful and cathartic tunes.

Vale and Marco Mares, “Máquina Del Tiempo”

Colombian sister act Vale teamed up with Mexican singer Marco Mares for their new single “Máquina Del Tiempo.” Vale is comprised of twin sisters Valeria and Valentina Perez. Last November, they were nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammy Awards. “This is the first time that we have invited an artist to collaborate on a song with us, and we had the pleasure and honor of having Marco Mares,” Vale shared in a statement. “As an artist and person, he is incredible.” In the breezy track, the women of Vale and Mares trade verses about wanting to go back in time after a breakup to get that relationship out of their system.

Maluma, “La Reina”

Maluma serenades the women in his life with his new single “La Reina.” In the heartfelt ballad, the Colombian superstar sings about recognizing his loved ones as the queens that they are. For the music video, Maluma selected 17 Colombian women from different walks of life to spotlight their beauty. Among the diverse group of women are Silvia Julio, a survivor of an acid-throwing attack, Sara Llanos García, who lives with Down Syndrome, and Yaneth Rodríguez Jiménez, who reveals her mastectomy scars. “For me, the most important thing about this song is that the main characters are all these spectacular women and all the women around the world who are going to identify with it,” he shared in a statement.

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