New Music Picks: Bella Dose, Camila Cabello, Las Villa, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features Bella Dose’s glow-up anthem, Camila Cabello’s duet with Camilo, and the emergence of Selines as a fresh voice in Latin folk music.

Also on the list: Las Villa’s love song with Llane, Christian Nodal’s bolero with Tini, and Immasoul’s banger “A Tu Lado.” Plus, Tania Dominguez and Ivonne Galaz’s dreamy ballad and Yadam’s heartfelt song “Nada Es Seguro” with Zoe Gotusso.

Bella Dose, “Mírame”

Bella Dose is the world’s first Latina bilingual girl group. The quartet consists of Melany Rivera, Brianna Leah, Jenni Hernández, and Thais Rodriguez. Bella Dose comes through with the fierce anthem “Mírame.” Backed by a dembow beat with house music influences, the women sing in English and Spanish about bouncing back from heartbreak. The group shared in a statement that the song “marks the era after a breakup where you are finally realizing who you are because the person you were with thought you would be nobody without them. Instead, you are better than ever and realizing that you only need your own love to thrive.”

Camilo and Camila Cabello, “Ambulancia”

At long last, Camilo has released the music video for his song “Ambulancia.” The Colombian singer teamed up with Camila Cabello for his bachata-infused track. In the sultry love song, Camilo and Cabello trade verses about wanting more from an overnight fling that is driving them wild. Cabello gushed about working with Camilo. She told LATINA, “I love Camilo and he is such a close friend, which made teaming up with him on ‘Ambulancia’ so exciting.” The song is from Camilo’s album “De Adentro Pa Afuera.”

Las Villa and Llane, “Bendita”

Las Villa is comprised of sisters Laura and Lucia Villa. The Colombian duo push Latin pop to exciting places with their tropical flare. Las Villa continues to achieve just that with the new single “Bendita,” which features fellow Colombia singer Llane. The trio of artists sing about a love story that reaches a happy ending. About the track’s message, Las Villa shared in a statement, “It is a love song which talks about the feeling of having found the right person, your better half, or simply the person you’ve been waiting for.” The song will be included on their upcoming album “Eclipse.”

Christian Nodal and Tini, “Por El Resto De Tu Vida”

Christian Nodal dabbles in the world of bolero in his new single “Por El Resto De Tu Vida.” The Mexican singer teamed up with Argentine pop star Tini for the soaring love song. With a bit of Latin trap in the mix, Nodal and Tini trade verses about taking a blossoming romance to the next level. On the inspiration behind their collaboration, Nodal told LATINA, “All of us at some point in our lives, or several, feel so in love that we only dream of spending the rest of our lives with that person. It’s about celebrating love in the most genuine way, the same love I also feel for all of you, my fans, whom I love so much.”

Immasoul, “A Tu Lado”

Immasoul proudly represents her Black identity in her music. In her new single “A Tu Lado,” the Mexican singer experiments with Afrobeats, blending the alluring track with elements of reggaeton music. Immasoul sings about a romance on the dance floor that feels destined to last for a lifetime. She lives up to her name and continues to push Latin music to new places with her soulful touch.

Tania Dominguez and Ivonne Galaz, “No Puedo Olvidarte”

Tania Dominguez teamed up with Ivonne Galaz for her new single “No Puedo Olvidarte.” The Mexican-American singer is the latest female artist to sign with Rancho Humilde, Galaz’s record label. Dominguez’s alternative rock sound collides with Galaz’s corridos edge in the soaring love song. The duet is dreamy and breathtaking. Both women dig deep and deliver soulful performances about a romance that feels otherworldly.

Selines, “Me Empiezo A Enamorar”

Selines is giving Latin music folk music a youthful spark. The Mexican-American singer is the first female artist to sign with VPS Music, the home of DannyLux. In her new single “Me Empiezo A Enamorar,” Selines soulfully sings about the giddy feelings of falling in love, all while playing the guitar. She wears her heart on her sleeve and that comes through clear as day in her beautiful ballad.

Yadam and Zoe Gotusso, “Nada Es Seguro”

Yadam is making a mark with his new single “Nada Es Seguro.” The Paris-based singer with Venezuelan roots teamed up with Argentine artist Zoe Gotusso for the heartfelt ballad, in which Yadam sings about the anxiety of life’s uncertain moments. Gutusso proves to be a voice that helps him get through the moment. About the experience of collaborating with Gutusso, Yadam told LATINA, “She represents that good friend comforting you and sweetly sianging to you that everything will be alright.”

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