New Music Picks: Cardi B & Offset, Immasoul, Alaina Castillo, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list includes Cardi B’s knockout collaboration with Offset, Immasoul’s breakthrough EP, and Alaina Castillo’s confessions on the dance floor.

Also on the list: Sofía Reyes and Danna Paola’s surprise remix with Kim Petras, Blue Rojo’s feel-good song with Meth Math, and Myke Towers’ global hit. Plus, Trueno’s homage to hip-hop with Cypress Hill and Ramón Vega’s debut album featuring Christian Nodal.

Offset and Cardi B, “Jealousy”

Cardi B tackles rumors about her relationship with Offset head-on in their new single “Jealousy.” Though the Dominican-American superstar is featured on her husband’s song, she drops plenty of hard-hitting bars like it was her own. Among Cardi B’s knockout verses on trap track, she spits, “A b**ch say my name then she number one trendin’ / I did you a service, b**ch.” The couple sets the record straight that they’re still going strong and they check anyone who says otherwise. This marks the sixth time that Cardi B has worked with Offset following their hit collaborations like “Clout” and “Motorsport.”

Immasoul, “Belize”

Immasoul is making her mark with her new EP Amores Pasajeros. The Mexican singer-songwriter has brought plenty of soul to the Latin music scene as a leader in the R&B movement. Immasoul continues to take that genre to new places in these six tracks that touch on feelings behind fleeting romances. “I’m a really romantic and dreamy person,” she told LATINA. “[A fling] can be so short, but so meaningful. These songs are about love and letting go.” The crown jewel in this EP is the shimmering “Belize” where Immasoul sings about an unforgettable dalliance in the titular country. She also masterfully blends elements of reggaeton with R&B in the alluring “Real Luv” featuring Nino Augustine.

Alaina Castillo, “Hookah Envenena”

Alaina Castillo is crossing over from alternative Latin star to queen of the club with her new EP Malos Hábitos. The Mexican-American artist comes through with moody dance tracks on 5-track release. Castillo worked with British hit-maker RØMANS on the on the EP, including the fierce “Hookah Envenena.” Over house music beats with elements of reggaeton, she sings wanting to party the heartbreak away. Rolo, one of Feid’s main producers, joins Castillo and RØMANS in bringing to life the euphoric “Éxtasis.” About embracing her Latina roots, she said with the EP she is “becoming who I’m meant to be and that means including my culture and who I really am in my music.”

Sofía Reyes, Danna Paola, and Kim Petras, “TQUM” (Remix)

Earlier this year, Sofía Reyes put a Latin twist on the hyperpop genre with “TQUM (Te Quiero Un Montón)” featuring Danna Paola. The Mexican pop stars are joined by German superstar Kim Petras, who has skyrocketed into the hyperpop canon. She commiserates with Reyes and Paola about ex-lovers who still linger on their mind like a nightmare flight that feels never-ending. Petras also sings a bit in Spanish with them. “I’m still in shock that this remix happened, and to think it took place in the space of a week or two is amazing,” Reyes told LATINA. “Everything happened so fast! There’s so much love between the three of us that I think people will feel the love for this song as much as we do.”

Blue Rojo and Meth Math, “Aviones (I Wanna Fly)”

Blue Rojo is back with his new single “Aviones (I Wanna Fly).” The Mexico City-based singer-songwriter teamed up with Ángel Ballesteros, the lead singer of Meth Math. The feel-good song blends reggaeton reminiscent of the 2000s with a hyperpop touch. Blue Rojo and Ballesteros trade verses about living a luxurious lifestyle that sees them flying to different countries. “I feel that I can dream anything that I want,” Blue Rojo told LATINA. “I want people to feel empowered. I want them to have fun and be able to dream or manifest while listening to this song.” Blue Rojo spread his wings in this summer-ready banger.

Myke Towers, “Lala”

Myke Towers scored an unexpected hit from his latest album La Vida Es Una. Though it was never released as a single, the Puerto Rican superstar’s song “Lala” shot to No. 1 on Spotify’s Top 50 Global chart. Now Towers has released the music video for his sexy reggaeton track with an electronica influence. In “Lala,” he sings about knowing how to pleasure his lover using his mouth. The vibrant video was shot in Xàbia, Spain and stars Spanish actress María Pedraza. With his hands, Towers playfully demonstrates his skills of going downtown. He embraced his Caribbean roots on his most adventurous album yet. “We have the spice,” Towers told LATINA. “I’m from an island and I wanted to create an island vibe.”

Ramón Vega and Christian Nodal, “Desanimao :(”

Ramón Vega comes from a family of famous musicians in the regional Mexican scene. The rising Mexican star shows in his debut album Pa’ Ti :) that his success is not limited to one genre. The LP includes the funky love song “Escorpión :)” featuring Michelle Maciel. Vega brings Mexican superstar Christian Nodal into his genre-bending world with the dreamy pop collaboration “Desanimao :(.” Both artist trade verses about trying to salvage a romance on the rocks. “I feel I am stepping into my own as an artist and my goal was to create music that felt authentic to me and my experiences,” Vega told LATINA. “This album has been a long time coming and a tremendous labor of love.”

Trueno and Cypress Hill, “F*ck El Police” (Remix)

Trueno is celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of hip-hop with a special collaboration. The Argentine rap star teamed up with iconic hip-hop group Cypress Hill for the remix of his song “F*ck El Police.” Cypress Hill’s B-Real and Sen Dog sound at home over the fiery collaboration’s boom bap sound. Alongside Trueno, they call out police who are abusing their authority. B-Real also references the band’s classic hit “Insane in the Membrane” in his explosive guest verse. While rapping in Spanish, Trueno shows that there’s no language barrier to the heart of his socially-conscious flow. The original version of the song was included on his breakthrough album Bien o Mal, which dropped last year.

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