New Music Picks: Christina Aguilera, Julieta Venegas, Leslie Grace and More

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  • Illustration by Elise Miguel.

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features Christina Aguilera’s new Latin album and the emergence of Argentine singer Emilia.

Also on the list, Julieta Venegas delivers an important message in “Caminar Sola,” GALE goes pop-punk in “Problemas” and Mau y Ricky embrace banda music alongside Carin Leon. Plus, “Batgirl” star Leslie Grace teams up with Boza, Chesca joins forces with Nio García and Colombian producer Sinego drops a sexy EDM banger.

Christina Aguilera, “Aguilera”

Christina Aguilera has finally released her second Latin album. Her new LP “Aguilera” brings together the songs from her recent EPs “La Fuerza” and “La Tormenta.” The collection includes her Latina empowerment anthem “Pa Mis Muchachas” featuring Becky G, Nicki Nicole and Nathy Peluso, and the ranchera power ballad “La Reina.” Among the new tracks, she teams up with Argentine pop star TINI for the sleek bop “Suéltame” and Mexican crooner Christian Nodal for “Cuando Me Dé la Gana.” Aguilera once again sounds incredible while tackling the ranchera genre with her mighty voice. Nodal compliments her well as they both give passionate performances that are rooted in heartbreak. “¡Échale, Christina!” Nodal shouts to her. Xtina really gives it her all on this album that pays homage to her Latina roots.

Emilia, “Tú Crees En Mí?”

Emilia is making her debut with her first album ​”Tú Crees En Mí?” The Argentine pop star definitely serves self-confidence throughout the 8-track LP. The album features her perreo-ready banger “Cuatro Veinte.” She also has stellar collaborations with other Argentine artists. The intoxicating “Intoxicao” with Nicki Nicole is a girl power anthem. Backed by hip-hop beats, Emilia and Nicole trade verses about living their best lives. Emilia also teams up with her boyfriend Duki for the steamy love song “Como Si No Importara.” About joining the Argentine artists that are crossing over, Emilia said, “It’s a pleasure and honor to be Argentine and see that we’re getting more recognition. Imagine, we’re in Con Sur, far away from everything like Miami, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Mexico, which are the larger markets.”

Leslie Grace, “Como la Primera Vez”

Leslie Grace is continuing to make her return to music. The Dominican-American singer got back into action last year with the enchanting “Bachatica.” She followed that up earlier this year with the electro-pop bop “Un Buen Día.” Grace is keeping the music coming with her new single “Como la Primera Vez.” She teams up with rising Panamanian singer Boza for the sultry love song. Backed by reggaeton beats and a Spanish guitar, they trade verses about rekindling their romance. Grace made a name for herself in bachata music, but now she’s continuing to blossom as a Latina pop star. Outside of music, Grace made her big screen debut last year in the movie “In the Heights.” Next up, she will play Barbara Gordon in the upcoming HBO Max movie “Batgirl.”

Julieta Venegas, “Caminar Sola”

Julieta Venegas strikes a more serious chord with her new single “Caminar Sola.” In March, she returned to music with her single “Mismo Amor,” in which she embraced a disco-pop sound. In “Caminar Sola,” Venegas sings about the dangers that women face while walking home alone at night. Producer Álex Anwandter soundtracks her chilling lyrics with noir-like strings and piano. This sounds like Venegas’ most sophisticated track to date, but it’s also sobering in how it delves into women’s fears of harassment. Venegas sings from the soul in this powerful anthem. About teaming up with Anwandter for her upcoming album, Venegas said, “He has worked with his whole heart, professionalism, emotion and all of that is so beautiful. I’m telling you, finding the right partner, friends, and coworkers in life is key to making beautiful things.”

Chesca and Nio García, “Tu2Ru”

On a new version of her single “Tu2Ru,” The Puerto Rican singer Chesca teams up with Nio García. García is most known for his global smash “AM” remix that reunited “Oasis” collaborators Bad Bunny and J Balvin. García brings a street edge to Chesca’s delightful love song. Backed by disco-pop beats, Chesca and García trade verses about having a magical night on the dance floor. García is also a noted dancer so he moves alongside Chesca with ease in the music video. “Tu2Ru” is now a dreamy duet with García in the mix. About not boxing herself into one genre, Chesca said, “I’m not just a fan of reggaeton, but a fan of music and anything that represents me or speaks to me. I feel like that’s the beauty of being an artist. I think it’s an exciting time to evolve.”

GALE, “Problemas”

GALE is continuing to push Latin music to new places. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter has penned hits for artists like Christina Aguilera, Anitta, Shakira and Cardi B, but now she’s breaking out as a performer. She released her debut single “Inmadura” in March and now she’s upping the ante with “Problemas.” GALE embraces a punk-pop sound as she sings about repairing a relationship with makeup sex. “I wanted to write a song inspired by being in a physical, toxic relationship where most problems are solved in the bedroom. It’s like a vicious cycle: you know it’s not good for you, but you keep coming back for the high and excitement of it,” GALE told LATINA. “Problema” is a fun and flirty pop banger with an angsty edge.

Mau y Ricky and Carin Leon, “Llorar y Llorar”

Mau y Ricky are teasing their upcoming project “Desgenerados.” The title is a nod in Spanish to how the Venezuelan brothers feel like they can’t be boxed in one genre after tackling various styles in their music. Earlier this year, Mau y Ricky went down the electronica route in “No Puede Ser” with Eladio Carrion. Next up, the duo add a pop-rock twist to banda music with a rising star in the genre, Carin Leon. In “Llorar y Llorar,” Mau y Ricky give their most passionate performances yet as they sing about a relationship that’s come to an end. Leon ups the emotion with his Mexican grit. “Llorar y Llorar” shows that Mau y Ricky can kick it at the carne asada. They’re currently filming the reality show “Los Montaner” with their father Ricardo Montaner, their sister Evaluna and their brother-in-law Camilo.

Sinego and Gazelle, “Alba (Morning Edit)”

Sinego is seamlessly blending his Latino roots into his love for electronic music. The Colombian producer and multi-instrumentalist teamed up with Gazelle for his new single “Alba (Morning Edit).” The song opens with a dreamy Spanish interlude before turning into a rustic house music romp. Throughout the seriously sexy track, Gazelle interchanges the words “morning” with “moaning” like he’s partaking in a daybreak dalliance. The electronic mystique that runs throughout Sinego’s songs remains strong here. “Alba” will be a part of Sinego’s highly-anticipated debut album. The LP will include features from Sofi Tukker, Lucy Vives, Pauza and Yo Soy Matt. He also has a side project titled Sinego B Side. Under that project, he teamed up with Armen Paul for a hypnotic remake of Kim Wilde’s classic “Kids in America.”