New Music Picks: Elena Rose, Chesca, Vf7, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. On this week’s list we have plenty of all-women collaborations. Elena Rose breaks out with the help of Becky G and other Latina artists. Chesca brings together a next generation of women in reggaeton and Vf7 joins forces with Young Miko.

Also on the list: Las Villa’s dreamy collaboration with Nicole Zignago, Veronique Medrano’s party anthem with Beatriz González, and the new album from Domino Saints. Plus, Romeo Santos and Christian Nodal collaborate on a love song and Solo Fernández enters the scene.

Elena Rose, Becky G, María Becerra, TINI, and Greeicy, “La Ducha” Remix

Elena Rose is making a big splash with her debut single for Warner Music Latina. The Venezuelan-American singer brought together all the women for whom she’s written hits in the remix of her song “La Ducha.” She’s joined on the sexy love banger by Becky G, María Becerra, TINI, and Greeicy. Backed by tropical-tinged trap beats, Rose and her collaborators sing about getting romantic in the shower. Rose told LATINA that assembling this league of extraordinary Latina artists “happened organically and naturally. These girls are not only Goddesses that I admire, but my friends. This remix for me represents that we as women are ready to support each other in the industry and we want everyone to enjoy it fully.”

Chesca, Villano Antillano, and Corina Smith, “Activa”

The next generation of reggaeton stars has united for a girl power anthem. Puerto Rican singer Chesca enlisted fellow Boricua rapper Villano Antillano and Venezuela’s Corina Smith for her new single “Activa.” The reggaeton banger recalls the genre’s 2000s perreo sound with an electronic edge. Chesca, Antillano, and Smith take turns boasting about living the high life. Every woman comes through with a fierce verse that shows how the girls are having more fun in reggaeton. It’s a knockout collaboration. Back in April, Chesca told LATINA, “I think it’s a very exciting time for all emerging female artists. This is a very male-driven industry. Having so many females break through is really exciting not just for me, but for all of us. I feel blessed that I can be one of those emerging artists in the stage of where we are right now.”

Vf7 and Young Miko, “Aprovéchame BB”

In another Puerto Rican collaboration, rising star Vf7 teamed up with Boricua rapper Young Miko for her new single “Aprovéchame BB.” Vf7 has been making a name for herself in reggaeton through collaborations with Rauw Alejandro, Lunay, and now Young Miko. In the alluring reggaeton romp, Vf7 and Young Miko trade verses about keeping their lovers satisfied in the bedroom. Vf7 flexes her versatility as an artist, seamlessly switching between a sensual performance and fierce rap verses perfectly rounded out by Young Miko. Vf7 told LATINA that the song was the product of a mutually anticipated collaboration: “Miko and I have wanted to work together ever since we met and when we put it all together, it flowed super well in the studio.”

Las Villa and Nicole Zignago, “Corazón Cruzado”

Las Villa are back with the new single “Corazón Cruzado.” For the track, the Colombian duo comprised of sisters Laura and Lucia Villa teamed up with Peruvian singer Nicole Zignago. Dreamy synths backed the trio as they sing about a romance that feels otherworldly. The magical love song is brought to life in the music video, where Las Villa and Zignago sing in front of the moonlight. Zignago told LATINA, “The song talks about that moment when your heart and your head are at a disagreement because you swore you would never fall in love again, but someone appears in your life who puts that in doubt and you let yourself fall in love again.” Zignano is nominated for Best New Artist at next month’s Latin GRAMMY Awards.

Domino Saints, “Future Love Games”

Domino Saints has released its highly-anticipated album “Future Love Games.” The Puerto Rican duo is comprised of real-life couple David Leal and Gigi Ojeda. The LP includes their breakthrough hit “Dancefreak,” which became a global smash year, and empowering “My Way.” Through this vibrant collection of 14 songs, they’re reinvigorating dance music with sounds from their Caribbean roots. That’s best exemplified by Domino Saints’ new single “Roncito y Playa.” In the feel-good anthem, they sing about living your best life without caring about what other people may think. About the vibe of Domino Saints, Ojeda told LATINA back in March, “Dance and music are ways for everyone to express themselves.”

Solo Fernández and Rubytates, “De Reversa”

Solo Fernández is continuing to push alternative music in the Dominican Republic to new places. Earlier this year, the group teamed up with fellow Dominican producer Diego Raposo for “Comollegamosaquí,” a sonic blast of tropical rock. Now Solo Fernández is joining forces with Mexican indie group Rubytates for their new single “De Reversa.” French house beats that reverberate with a Caribbean influence back both bands as they sing about looking toward the future. The glowing dance track will be included on Solo Fernández and Rubytates’ upcoming collaborative EP. On how they crossed paths with Rubytates, Solo Fernández told LATINA, “The songs came out very organically when we met the guys from Rubytates during our first tour of Mexico in 2022. They made us feel at home and the admiration is mutual.”

Romeo Santos and Christian Nodal, “Me Extraño”

Romeo Santos embraces regional Mexican music in his new music video for “Me Extraño.” The Dominican-American icon teamed up with Mexican singer Christian Nodal. The heartfelt love song leans fully into Nodal’s mariacheño sound, which blends the mariachi and norteño music genres. Santos’ sultry voice finds a new home in the captivating Mexican genre. He and Nodal trade verses about thanking their girlfriends’ exes for letting the women slip away into their arms. The song is a part of Santos’ new album “Formula, Vol. 3.” The LP also includes bachata collaborations with Justin Timberlake and Rosalía. About getting those two artists into the tropical Dominican genre, Santos told LATINA last month, “Anyone that wants to do bachata and do it with their own stamp I think is key. I always feel that’s a plus for me. I think it’s amazing. I want more of it. I embrace them for doing it. I just want to see more of that.”

Veronique Medrano and Beatriz González, “Mezcal Maria”

Veronique Medrano is part of a new wave of emerging Tejano music stars. She is continuing to push regional Mexican music to new places that reflect her bicultural background as a Mexican-American artist. In March, Medrano teamed up with DJ Kane from Kumbia Kings and El Dusty for the trap cumbia track “Mal Ojo.” Now she’s joining forces with fellow Tejana singer Beatriz González for the club banger “Mezcal Maria.” Medrano blends cumbia music with tribal guarachero beats. Both women trade verses about partying the night away with a bottle of mezcal. Medrano told LATINA that she considers this girl power anthem to be “a cumbia made for and celebrating the women who party.”