New Music Picks: Emilia & Ludmilla, Alaina Castillo, Daymé Arocena and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features Emilia and Ludmilla’s fierce collaboration, Alaina Castillo’s dance track, and Daymé Arocena’s ode to the Caribbean.

Also on the list: Las Villa’s debut album, Fangoria’s epic team-up with Paulina Rubio, and Gaby Moreno’s acoustic EP Plus, the return of Tego Calderón and Alex Anwandter’s queer-positive duet with Javiera Mena.

Emilia, Ludmilla, and Zecca, “No_Se_Ve.mp3”

Emilia and Ludmilla made history as the first artists to release a music video through Instagram Reels. The Argentine pop star teamed up with Ludmilla for her new single “No_Se_Ve.mp3.” In less than 24 hours, the Reel surpassed 40 million views. Zecca, who has worked with Bizarrap, blended elements of EDM with Brazilian funk music. “Because it had funk, I wanted to bring in a queen from Brazil,” Emilia told LATINA. “It was all very different from me: the language and the melody,” Ludmilla added. “I was giving it my all, singing in Spanish, and representing my country. It was incredible.” The genre-bending banger will be included on Emilia’s upcoming album. Ludmilla revealed her next single will be Skrillex and Duki on the “Fast X” soundtrack.

Alaina Castillo, “Éxtasis”

Alaina Castillo is keeping her fans on their toes with her new single “Éxtasis.” The Mexican-American singer inspires them to hit the dance floor in the song, which blends Latin and house music. The euphoric club track was produced by RØMANS, who has worked with Billie Eilish, Fred Again…, and Labrinth. Among the sweeping electronica sound, Castillo sings about a romance that feels out of this world. “‘Éxtasis’ is a song about having a weakness when it comes to one person because they make you feel like the highest version of yourself,” she told LATINA. Castillo also comes through with some fierce choreography in the music video. The song is the first single from her upcoming EP.

Daymé Arocena, “Para Mover Los Pies”

Daymé Arocena is keeping Latin music fresh with her innovative fusions. The Cuban singer-songwriter teamed up with Eduardo Cabra, who produced her new single “Para Mover Los Pies.” The proudly Caribbean song is a feel-good ode to Arocena’s new home in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Cabra masterfully blends her Cuban and Puerto Rican worlds as Arocena delivers a commanding performance. “This is a song of healing and gratitude, because through it I healed the deepest sores of emigration and balanced my feelings to receive in my heart a new island to call home,” Arocena told LATINA. “One love does not replace the other, but Cuba is a love that hurts and Puerto Rico is a love that heals.” Cabra will be at the helm of her next album.

Las Villa and Marco Mares, “Pa Quererte”

After years of creating buzz with an alternative Latin sound, Las Villa have released their debut album Eclipse. The Colombian duo is comprised of sisters Laura and Lucia Villa. Their LP includes the enchanting “Corazón Cruzado” with Nicole Zignago and the bubbly “Bendita” with Llane. Las Villa teams up with Mexican singer Marco Mares for their alluring love song “Pa Quererte.” Their dreamy duet explodes with elements of flamenco music by the end. “This new album is the compilation of two years of work and good music that represents us as individuals in communion and constant collision,” Las Villa shared in a statement. “We are like Yin and Yang. We are the same as an eclipse that needs the sun and the moon to be able to happen.”

Gaby Moreno, “Juegos y Miedos” (Acústico)

Gaby Moreno is kicking off a new era in her career by revisiting her past. The Guatemalan singer-songwriter released her new EP X Mí where she recorded acoustic versions of songs from her first three albums. “Juegos y Miedos” from her 2012 LP Postales sounds even more haunting and breathtaking in her acoustic version. “I want people to hear the songs how they sounded exactly after I finished writing them,” Moreno told LATINA. “Just me and my guitar. I wanted to get back to the barebones and foundation of the songs.” The EP also includes her stunning duet “Luna de Xelajú” with Oscar Isaac.

Alex Anwandter and Javiera Mena, “Unx De Nosotrxs”

Two of Chile’s electro-pop icons have joined forces. Alex Anwandter enlisted Javiera Mena for his new single “Unx De Nosotrxs.” Backed by sparkling house music beats, they reminisce about how they met and found solace in the LGBTQ+ community. “Javiera and I are both queer artists from Chile, so I feel a special partnership with her,” Anwandter told LATINA.”In that song I let myself be a bit nostalgic about how silly we all were, and how it was both fun and painful to grow up together in that time.” The queer-positive club anthem will be included on Anwandter’s album El Diablo En El Cuerpo, which will be released on May 26.

Fangoria and Paulina Rubio, “Mi Decisión”

Fangoria joined forces with Mexican pop icon Paulina Rubio for their new single “Mi Decisión.” Previously as Alaska y Dinarama, the Spanish act proudly represented the LGBTQ+ community in pop music with the anthem “¿A Quién Le Importa?” in the eighties. Fangoria continues to paint pop in Spanish with colors of the rainbow in their dazzling song. Alaska and Rubio, who has supported the queer community throughout her career, sing about embracing who they are and living life on their terms. The queer-positive anthem was included in the movie La Novia De América. “Since it was a co-production with Mexico, we thought of a collaboration with Paulina,” Fangoria wrote on Instagram. “Thank you, Paulina. You are a superstar!”

Tego Calderón, “La Receta”

Tego Calderón is back! The Puerto Rican icon returned with his new single “La Receta.” In one of his Instagram posts about the sultry reggaeton track, Calderón wrote in Spanish, “Hold on, grandpa has arrived.” Though he playfully refers to his age that way, he appears to be more of an elder statesman in the vibrant music video. As an Afro-Latino pioneer for reggaeton, he continues to celebrate the genre’s Black roots in his music and visuals. “This is for you with much love,” Calderón wrote in another Instagram post. “[It’s] for you to party and dance to.” This song is only the beginning of his exciting comeback this year. El Gallo Original also recently joined TikTok where he will continue to tease what’s coming next.

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