New Music Picks: GALE & Bruses, Joel Deleōn, Kenia Os, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list includes the return of Mexican-American pop star Joel Deleōn, GALE’s epic collaboration with Bruses, and Kenia Os’ Halloween-inspired music video.

Also on the list: the mariachi album by Camila Fernández, Conexión Divina debuts a new member, and Elena Rose’s celebration of Venezuela with Danny Ocean and Jerry Di. Plus, Rosemarie’s Spanish take on a Faith Evans classic and the emergence of Venezuelan singer-songwriter Joaquina.

GALE and Bruses, “Movie”

GALE and Bruses are serving main character energy in their new single “Movie.” GALE, who is currently nominated for Best New Artist at next month’s Latin Grammy Awards, joins forces with the Mexican alt-pop singer. Both women dial it back to the pop-punk sound of the 2000s in the electrifying collaboration. The Puerto Rican pop star and Bruses sing about reclaiming the lead roles in their life after a breakup. “It’s forward, exciting, upbeat and with a beautiful message of understanding you’re the lead of this movie called life,” GALE told LATINA. Bruses also released her EP “Cuando Ella Me Besó Probé A Dios.”

Joel Deleōn, “Blue”

Joel Deleōn has returned with new music. Following his exit from CNCO in 2021, the Mexican-American singer launched his solo career. After being open about his struggles with his label and past management, Deleōn has taken full control of destiny with the sexy synth-pop banger “Blue.” “I’ve had so much freedom while making this song,” he told LATINA. “Pop Deleōn is here to stay.” Deleōn flexes his incredible vocal range as he sings about a breakup that lingers on his mind. Now Deleōn is looking toward the future with his debut EP, which will drop before the end of the year. “This is definitely a taste of what can be heard from me in the future along with other genres that come natural to me,” he added.

Kenia Os, “Ojo x Ojo”

Like GALE and Bruses’ horror movie-like video, Kenia Os also celebrates Halloween in her own way. The Mexican pop star released her new single “Ojo x Ojo.” The song was helmed by hit-maker JonTheProducer, who has has also worked with Os on her previous hits “Malas Decisiones” and “LoveLove U.” In the disco-infused pop track, she sings about getting her revenge on an ex by living her best life without them. In the spooky music video for “Ojo x Ojo,” Os puts a darker spin on vengeance by claiming a number of male victims with supernatural powers.

Elena Rose, Danny Ocean, and Jerry Di, “Caracas En El 2000”

Elena Rose has assembled Venezuela’s top artists for her new single. The Venezuelan-American star teamed up with Danny Ocean and Jerry Di for “Caracas En El 2000,” a reggaeton-infused track that celebrates where they come from. The three artists take turns reflecting on the good times of their childhoods while growing up there. “This song is a message of resilience, hope, happiness, joy, and love to the city that we love,” Rose told LATINA in an upcoming interview. “We have this power to bring our culture to the rest of the world.” She is currently nominated for Songwriter of the Year at the Latin Grammy Awards.

Camila Fernández, “Aquí Lo Siento”

Camila Fernández is paying tribute to her late grandfather, Vicente Fernández, with her self-titled album. For the first time, the Mexican singer released an LP that embraces mariachi music, which her family has helped globalize. In the soaring “Aquí Lo Siento,” Fernández sings about the memories she shared with Vicente and her mourning process following his passing in 2021. The album includes 10 original songs, including the charming hit “Todo Todo,” and 10 covers. Fernández tackles classics like “Volver Volver” by her grandfather and the Juan Gabriel-penned “Costumbres,” which was popularized by Rocío Dúrcal. Camila proudly represents the voice of women within the Fernández family dynasty.

Joaquina, “Quise Quererte”

Joaquina made waves earlier this year with her debut EP “Mejores Años.” The Venezuelan singer-songwriter keeps more teenage angst coming with her new single “Quise Quererte.” The emotional track was produced by Julio Reyes Copello, who mentored her in the Art House Academy last year. Joaquina’s voice soars as she sings about the pain of being betrayed by someone that was very close to her. “There’s a very strange mixture of anger and sadness when someone you loved dearly hurts you or takes advantage of you and that’s what this song is about,” she wrote in an Instagram post. Joaquina is also nominated for Best New Artist.

Conexión Divina, “Al No Tenerte”

Conexión Divina kicks off a new era in its career with the single “Al No Tenerte.” The Mexican-American group includes lead singer Liz Trujillo and Sandra Calixto. The heartfelt sierreño track marks the debut of new member Daniela Santiago. “We are delighted to have Dani join this project, comprised of resilient young women who have discovered in music an avenue to communicate our shared feelings and experiences with our generation to the world,” Trujillo and Calixto said in a statement. In “Al No Tenerte,” Trujillo sings about having a hard time letting go of someone who she loved deeply. Conexión Divina is competing for Best New Artist as well.

Rosemarie, “Este Amor”

Rosemarie put her own unique spin on a classic by Faith Evans. The rising R&B singer of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent tackled the 1998 hit “Love Like This.” OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder produced Rosemarie’s new single “Este Amor.” He blended the song’s iconic beats with elements of reggaeton. Rosemarie holds her own with her soulful voice as she sings about a romance that feels out of this world. “It was rewarding to reimagine the song in Spanish,” she told LATINA. “Latin music is such a huge part of my culture and identity, and now as I get further in my career, my artistry.”

Lucas Villa is a freelance music contributor for LATINA. His work is also featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Teen Vogue, MTV News, and W Magazine.