New Music Picks: Greeicy, Yailin La Más Viral, Sofía Valdés and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features Greeicy unleashing her alter-ego, Yailin La Más Viral’s response to her split from Anuel AA, and Sofía Valdés’ personal anthem.

Also on the list: Conexión Divina’s haunting single, Barbara Doza’s collaboration with Doja Cat’s producer, and Kenia Os’ corrido tumbado. Plus, the return of Llane and Polimá Westcoast’s reggaeton banger with Emilia.


Greeicy, “Que Me Quiera” / “Lokita”

Greeicy is every woman with her new singles “Que Me Quiera” and “Lokita.” The Colombian singer created an alter-ego named Yeliana who represents the motherhood she has taken on with her and Mike Bahía’s son Kai. “And where do I get strength from? From looking my son in the eyes,” Greeicy told LATINA. “Motherhood is incredible, full of wonderful things, of many fears, of many questions without answers, and of many answers to questions that I had not even asked myself.” Through Yeliana, she embraces jazz-infused trap music in “Que Me Quiera.” Greeicy sings about seeking out the love that she deserves. She finds it in the sultry romp “Lokita.”

Yailin La Más Viral, “Narcisista”

Yailin La Más Viral is taking aim at an ex with her new single “Narcisista.” While she is known for her dembow songs, the Dominican singer embraces bachata music in this scorching kiss-off track. After breaking up with Anuel AA, Yailin La Más Viral appears to call out the Puerto Rican singer with her cutting lyrics. She even makes a reference to his catch phrase “Real Hasta La Muerte.” “Today I want to remind those women how amazing and valuable they are,” she wrote on Instagram. “Those who have overcome a narcissistic relationship, an experience that may have left emotional scars, but shows that they have an impressive inner strength.”

Sofía Valdés, “Midnight Freak-Out”

Sofía Valdés channels a difficult time in her life into a soulful single “Midnight Freak-Out.” At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Panamanian singer-songwriter moved to the states. “I was new to the U.S. and I had a really hard time getting to know people because of the cultural differences and language barrier,” Valdés told LATINA. “I missed my family and my life in Panamá so much that I didn’t know why I was even here in the first place. Was all this suffering worth it when I could be back home with my family? Like a lot of artists I turned to music to try and tell my story.” She turns that angst into a heartfelt alternative ode to hope and belonging.

Conexión Divina, “Anestesia”

“Anestesia” is one of the songs that Conexión Divina was the most on-hands with. The Mexican-American trio’s requinto player Ashlee Valenzuela wrote the haunting track while lead singer Liz Trujillo composed the music. In the dark love song, Conexión Divina gives sierreño music an alternative makeover. “This is a song that has sounds that make you feel as if you were at the movies,” the three women shared in a statement. “It’s something a little different from the genre, but at the same time it maintains its essence. We had a lot of fun recording this song because we had the freedom to add effects into the music.” It’s included on Conexión Divina’s debut album Tres Mundos.

Barbara Doza, “Llévame”

Barbara Doza is putting her own colorful spin on Latin music. The Venezuelan singer-songwriter teamed up with Yeti Beats, Doja Cat’s lead producer, for her new single “Llévame.” Backed by tropical-infused trap beats, Doza sings with her airy voice about allowing herself to get carried away by a romance. “Llévame is a bright, upbeat track with a catchy melody,” she told LATINA. “It’s about the desire you feel after meeting someone and can’t get them off your mind.” After leaving her country for Puerto Rico and later Miami, Doza caught the attention of Yeti Beats, who took her under his wing.

Kenia Os, “Más Te Va a Doler.”

Kenia Os tackles regional Mexican music for the first time in her new single “Más Te Va a Doler.” The Mexican singer embraces her roots and puts a Latin pop twist on the corridos tumbados sound. In a powerful performance, Os sings about moving on from an ex that was no good for her. “I was nervous because it was my first Mexican music record, but I saw that the Keninis liked it so much, so I wanted to give them a gift for everything that has been happening thanks to their support,” she told LATINA. “I then invested time in the studio and worked on it with Saibú and Sofía Thompson.”

Polimá Westcoast and Emilia, “Nagasaki”

Last year, Polimá Westcoast broke through thanks to the hit single “Ultra Solo.” The Chilean rapper and singer recently signed a global deal with Sony Music Latin in the U.S. Now Westcoast is teaming up with Argentine singer Emilia for his new song “Nagasaki.” In the reggaeton romp, he trades verses with Emilia about sharing a hot-and-heavy romance. “[The song] represents part of the new sound I’m working on,” Westcoast told LATINA. “I hope people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating this project with a lot of love.” The collaboration will be included on his upcoming album Hermés.

Llane, “Obvio”

Llane celebrates universal love with his new single “Obvio.” The Colombian singer-songwriter pushes his Latin pop sound to new places with elements of electronica. Llane sings about the intimate moments of a relationship in a sexy performance. The music video shows people from all walks of life getting romantic with each other, including same-sex couples. “This song signifies the beginning of a new chapter for me both personally and professionally,” Llane told LATINA. “I’m honing in on who I am as an artist and I’m thrilled to show the world what we’ve been working on. A lot of love, dedication, and time has gone into creating this track.”

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