New Music Picks: Ivonne Galáz, Nicole Zignago, Bruses, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list includes Ivonne Galáz’s heartfelt EP, Nicole Zignago’s ode to getting over a toxic relationship, and Bruses’ anthem about universal love.

Also on the list: Camila Fernández proudly represents her family’s dynasty in mariachi, Rauw Alejandro’s epic collaboration with Ivy Queen, and Greeicy’s sexy track with Danny Ocean. Plus, Bad Gyal’s love song with Myke Towers and Gera MX’s dreamy team-up with María Becerra.

Ivonne Galáz and Estilo Sin Limite, “Despues De Ti”

Ivonne Galáz broke ground for women in corridos tumbados as the first woman to sign with Rancho Humilde, home to Natanael Cano and Junior H. The Mexican singer-songwriter released her new EP Jupiter where she reflects on the hard moments in her life. Galáz puts an atmospheric twist on corridos in the heartfelt “Normal,” a beautiful ode to her mother who she lost at a young age. She also teams up with other women on her label, including Estilo Sin Limite in the kiss-off track “Despues De Ti.” Galáz reunites with Tania Dominguez where they beautifully harmonize in the soaring “Ojitos Lindos.” With Galáz leading the way, the future of corridos is female.

Nicole Zignago, “No Quiero Olvidarte”

Nicole Zignago is back with her first new single of the year. The Peruvian singer-songwriter has previously written hits for artists like Sofía Reyes and Kenia Os. Now she has returned with “No Quiero Olvidarte.” In the power pop song, Zignago reflects on moving on from a toxic relationship by learning from the scars it left behind. “It is a song dedicated to forgetting the old love, but not the damage they did,” Zignago told LATINA. “It is a song to shout and remember not to return to make the same mistakes.” She masterfully interprets that message through dance in the music video with openly queer choreographer Layne Paradis Willis.

Bruses, “Crimen”

Bruses presents the second episode of her upcoming EP. The Mexican singer-songwriter continues to celebrate universal love in her new single “Crimen.” As as openly lesbian artist, Bruses details falling for another woman without caring about what people say. “It’s not a crime to love you like I want to,” she sings in the pop-rock anthem. “Remember that there is no reason to run,” Bruses added on Twitter. “You do not owe explanations to anyone. There is no correct age to come out of the closet. When you are ready, you will know it.” The song will be included on her EP Cuando Ella Me Besó Probé A Dios.

Camila Fernández, “Todo Todo”

Vicente Fernández’s granddaughter Camila Fernández is proudly representing the women in her family’s iconic dynasty. The Mexican singer embraces the music of her country in her new single “Todo Todo.” In the heartbreaking mariachi song, Fernández sings about the pain of getting betrayed in a relationship that she gave her all to. “Mariachi runs in my blood and now it’s time to pay homage to what I always was and always will be,” she wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to those who have been with me so far and welcome to a new stage of my life that fills me with joy and excitement.”

Greeicy and Danny Ocean, “Zha”

The story of Greeicy‘s alter ego, Yeliana, continues. The Colombian star teamed up with Venezuelan singer Danny Ocean for her new single “Zha.” In the reggaeton-infused romp, Greeicy and Ocean trade verses about getting hot-and-heavy with a lover on the dance floor. They both deliver sexy performances that make this collaboration irresistible. “I don’t doubt that you’re going to enjoy this song,” Greeicy wrote on Instagram. “It’s a song that’s so delicious that it will be impossible to listen to it and not want to dance.” She first kicked off her Yeliana era last month with the songs “Que Me Quiera” and “Lokita.”

Rauw Alejandro and Ivy Queen, “Celebrando”

Rauw Alejandro dropped his surprise album Playa Saturno. The perreo-packed LP is a spin-off of his last release Saturno. In one of the standout tracks, the Puerto Rican superstar joins forces with the first lady of reggaeton, Ivy Queen. In “Celebrando,” Alejandro gives the icon her roses as she reigns supreme over the nightclub. It’s a feel-good banger that celebrates the legacy and future of reggaeton music in a fierce way. The album also features Spanish singer Miguel Bosé in the freaky “Si Te Pegas” and Mexican star Junior H in the hypnotic “Picardía.” On Instagram, Alejandro wrote, “I decided to make this album for all the fans of classic and modern reggaeton, especially for my people in P.R.”

Gera MX and María Becerra, “Extrañándote”

Gera MX brings the heat on his new album Mustang 65′. The Mexican rapper returns to his hip-hop roots on the LP that includes his previous hit “Prohibida” with Colombian artist Nanpa Básico. Another international act Gera MX teams up with is María Becerra. The Argentine pop star joins him for the dreamy trap track “Extrañándote.” She complements his street flow well with her sultry vocals. “Had a blast with my brother Gera MX,” Becerra wrote on Instagram. Gera MX also revealed that he will release a song with Peso Pluma soon. On August 3, he will drop “Feria En El Sobre,” which will feature Herencia de Patrones as well.

Bad Gyal and Myke Towers, “Mi Lova”

Bad Gyal is keeping the bops coming. The Spanish rapper teamed up with Puerto Rican star Myke Towers for her new single “Mi Lova.” In the alluring love song, Bad Gyal and Towers trade verses about a romance that is driving them wild. “Myke and I recorded ‘Mi Lova’ last year in Madrid, and I am very happy to be able to release it so everyone can dance to it this summer,” she told LATINA. “It’s one of my favorite songs from ‘La Joia,’ my first album, which will finally be released at the end of this year.” Last month, Bad Gyal released an all-women remix of “Chulo” with Young Miko and Tokischa.

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