New Music Picks: Jessie Reyez & Miguel, Anitta, RBD, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list includes Jessie Reyez’s sexy collaboration with Miguel, Anitta’s Brazilian funk EP, and the return of RBD.

Also on the list: DannyLux’s genre-bending album, Mon Laferte’s alternative cumbia sonidera, and Marshmello’s epic team-up with Young Miko. Plus, Michaël Brun’s global dance track with Becky G and Anne-Marie and the emergence of Argentine singer Sael.

Jessie Reyez & Miguel, “Jeans”

Two Latino superstars are joining forces in the new single from Jessie Reyez. The Colombian-Canadian singer teamed up with Mexican-American star Miguel for their collaboration “Jeans.” They continue to push R&B into the future with the soulful and sexy romp. Reyez and Miguel trade sinfully sweet verses about a romance that’s hitting hot-and heavy levels. The song arrives ahead of Reyez’ upcoming poetry book Words of a Goat Princess, which will be released in October.

Anitta, “Used To Be”

Anitta has returned with her new EP Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story. The Brazilian superstar embraces the music of her country in the 3-track release. DJ Gabriel do Borel blends carioca funk, or baile funk, with elements of EDM in the feel-good club anthem “Used To Be.” Anitta sings in English, Spanish, and Portuguese about settling down after having freely indulged in all of life’s pleasures. She also released the music video for the freaky banger “Casi Casi,” which is a part of her audiovisual trilogy.

RBD, “Cerquita De Ti”

Ahead of the highly-anticipated RBD reunion tour, the Mexican pop group released the new single “Cerquita De Ti.” The soaring ballad was co-penned by RBD member Christopher von Uckermann, producer Manuel Lara, Pambo, Nicole Horts, and Ben Aler. Lara brings the heartfelt pop of RBD into the present with reggaeton-lite beats. Von Uckermann and his bandmates sing about always being there for the fandom that has stuck by them for nearly two decades. RBD’s Soy Rebelde Tour will launch on August 25 at the Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso.

DannyLux and Maye, “Mi Hogar”

After establishing himself as one of leaders in the resurgence of regional Mexican music, DannyLux is now pushing his artistry to new places on his DLUX album. In a standout moment, he teams up with Venezuelan singer-songwriter Maye for their dreamy duet “Mi Hogar.” DannyLux also beautifully blends música Mexicana with country in the genre-bending collaboration “La Lluvia” with Jordyn Shellhart. He later regroups with Eslabon Armado for the sad boy sierreño track “Me Cambiaste.”

Mon Laferte, “Te Juro Que Volveré”

Mon Laferte is exploring more of the experimental side of her artistry in her new single. The Chilean rocker blends cumbia sonidera with her alternative edge in “Te Juro Que Volveré.” What might be the most jarring for listeners is that Laferte altered and deepened her voice through vocal manipulation. She appears to reflect on her life since leaving Chile and resettling in Mexico where her career took off. Laferte is making a comeback to music in an unexpected and daringly refreshing way.

Marshmello and Young Miko, “Tempo”

Marshmello is continuing to team up with more Latin acts. The American DJ previously collaborated with Manuel Turizo on the global hit “El Merengue” and Tokischa for “Estilazo.” Now Marshmello is joining forces with Puerto Rican rapper Young Miko in the explosive “Tempo.” He blends trap beats with elements of house music. Young Miko serenades the women that she likes with her slick and swaggering rhymes. The song will be included on Marshmello’s upcoming album.

Michaël Brun, Becky G, and Anne-Marie, “Coming Your Way”

Michaël Brun has a knack for bringing cultures together in his music. The Haitian DJ teamed up with Mexican-American pop star Becky G and British singer Anne-Marie for his new single “Coming Your Way.” Brun mixes house music with influences of pop and reggaeton. Becky G and Anne-Marie sing in Spanish and English respectively about conquering their crushes. Brun has a soon-to-be global smash on his hand with this incredible trio of talent.

Sael, “Un Cigarro”

Sael is a rising star to watch for from Argentina. After making waves in the reggaeton scene, he shows a different side to his artistry with the new single “Un Cigarro.” Sael seamlessly blends bachata music with elements of trap in the emotional track. He sings about working through conflicting feelings from the fallout of ending a toxic relationship. The song will be included on Sael’s second EP that will be released soon through Black Koi Entertainment.

Lucas Villa is a freelance music contributor for LATINA. His work is also featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Teen Vogue, MTV News and W Magazine.