New Music Picks: Karol G, Sofía Reyes, Rauw Alejandro, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features Karol G’s trip to “Cairo,” the latest singles from Sofía Reyes and Nicole Zignago, and the new albums by Rauw Alejandro and Danny Ocean.

Also on the list: Conexión Divina’s debut EP, the return of Nathy Peluso and, Pablo Alborán’s feel-good collaboration with María Becerra.

Karol G and Ovy on the Drums, “Cairo”

Karol G is continuing to take her music career to the next level. For her new single “Cairo,” the Colombian superstar traveled to the Egyptian city that she sings about in the music video. Her longtime producer Ovy on the Drums is credited as a featured artist. He blended reggaeton beats with a touch of electronica. Karol G sings about falling hard for someone that she thought would just be a fling. “I said we would only have sex one time and not repeat it / Now staying in his bed is my favorite plan,” she sings in Spanish. Karol G comes through with a global dance track that shows that she’s become an all-around Latina pop star.

Sofía Reyes, “Luna”

Sofía Reyes enters a new era in her career with the new song “Luna.” It’s her first new single since the release of her album “Mal De Amores” earlier this year. While that LP explored heartbreak, on “Luna,” the Mexican singer lets in love. Backed by twinkling beats, she sings about a romance that feels celestial. The otherworldly love song is the lead single from her next album that’s due out next year. “I hope the song generates something positive and that it connects,” Reyes told LATINA, “It’s a song that I really love and hopefully people love it as much as I do.”

Nicole Zignago, “En Huelga”

This week, Nicole Zignago is competing for Best New Artist at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards. The Peruvian singer-songwriter has crossed over from co-writing hits for others like Sofía Reyes to releasing her own songs. The two collaborated earlier this year for the frosty “Corazón Frío,” and now Zignago is solo in her new single “En Huelga.” In the heartfelt ballad, she sings about the hurt two people can cause each other in a toxic relationship. Reflecting on the meaning of the song, she told LATINA, “I’ve been in that same position too, so I also kind of wrote this song for the Nicole in that past that couldn’t get out of a relationship, that knew exactly what was going to happen, that could see it coming but still didn’t have enough self-love to leave.”

Rauw Alejandro, “Saturno”

Rauw Alejandro is back with his new album “Saturno.” The Puerto Rican superstar continues to push reggaeton music to new places with his futuristic LP. He previewed the album earlier this year with the reggaeton romps “Lokera” with Lyanno and Brray and “Punto 40” with genre pioneer Baby Rasta. Alejandro further delves into reggaeton’s roots in the explosive “De Carolina,” his collaboration with another pioneer, DJ Playero. He honors his Puerto Rican hometown alongside the reggaeton OG. Alejandro also gives the genre an electronica makeover in dreamy “Lejos Del Cielo.” He also explores elements of new wave and rock music in the rollicking “Dime Quién.” Alejandro is an otherworldly force on this adventurous album.

Conexión Divina, “Inercia”

The first Gen-Z, all-female sierreño group has released its first EP. Conexión Divina is emerging with the band’s EP “Inercia.” The trio is comprised of Mexican-American musicians Liz Trujillo, Ashlee Valenzuela, and Sandra Calixto. Back in September, Conexión Divina released the heartbreaking ballad “Odio.” Now the group is taking on the topic of rumors in the fiery track “Se Rumora.” Lead singer Trujillo sings about living life to the fullest despite the naysayers. “We named our first album ‘Inercia’ because it represents the force that keeps us constantly moving toward our goal, no matter what’s around us,” the group told LATINA.

Pablo Alborán and María Becerra, “Amigos”

Pablo Alborán is continuing to tease his upcoming album “La Cuarta Hoja.” The Spanish heartthrob teamed up with Argentine pop star María Becerra for his new single “Amigos.” Alborán’s Latin pop sound collides with Becerra’s reggaeton flow. In the feel-good anthem, they sing together about enjoying the good times with friends. Alborán told LATINA, “Life is made up of moments that are eternal, that should be re-lived, remembered, and above all, that should be valued.” He added that he wants his fans to really enjoy this release, “It’s a song that values all those types of relationships, and above all, I hope it’s a song to accompany my fans during happy times.” His “La Cuarta Hoja” album will be released on Dec. 2.

Nathy Peluso, “Estás Buenísimo”

Nathy Peluso released her first new single of the year. The Argentine and Spanish artist flexes her rap skills in the song “Estás Buenísimo.” The sexy track’s flirty message is clear and straight-forward. Peluso exclaims “f**k!” throughout to show how much the guy of her eye is driving her wild. Peluso told LATINA, “The fact that there aren’t many women singing songs to men, telling them they’re hot. But there are a lot of songs the other way around. It’s interesting to show that perspective, from a natural side, but also in a satirical and ironic way.” She added that she’s hoping to make a point, “It’s trying to normalize the fact that women can also flirt, say what we’re thinking about a person that we like. Without having to repress ourselves to fit in an established behavior just to fit in.”

Danny Ocean, “@dannocean”

Danny Ocean is proving himself to be an all-around Latin pop star. The Venezuelan singer who found success in reggaeton continues to explore different genres in his second part of his album “@dannocean.” Ocean blends bachata with electronica in “No Es Amor” with Puerto Rican singer Mora. On the flip side, he mixes R&B with salsa music in the twinkling “Si Es Amor” with Colombian singer Beéle. Ocean also supports other Venezuelan acts like rapper Big Soto in the soulful reggaeton track “Disfruta Tu Viernes” and Elena Rose in the dreamy duet “Las Estrellas/Si Tu Me Love Me.” In February 2023, Ocean will kick off his first headlining tour of the U.S.

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