New Music Picks: María Isabel, Demi Lovato, Becky G, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list includes the return of rising Dominican-American star María Isabel, Demi Lovato’s rock-infused album, and Becky G’s ode to her Mexican roots and grandfather.

Also on the list: Nohemy’s genre-bending banger, Nathy Peluso’s sultry collaboration with Tiago PZK, and BRATTY’s alternative anthem. Plus, the debut album by Venezuelan singer-songwriter Yadam and Christian Nodal covering regional Mexican music classics.

María Isabel, “I Drove U Crazy”

María Isabel has returned with new music. The rising Dominican-American star teamed up with Illangelo, the Weeknd’s longtime producer, for her single “I Drove U Crazy.” In the haunting R&B track, Isabel sings about facing the reality of an unhealthy relationship. “The further I get from past relationships, the easier I find it to take accountability for my role in them and accept that sometimes two people just don’t belong together,” she shared in a statement. She proudly represents her bicultural roots in the music video, which was shot in New York City by Dominican director Olivia De Camps.

Demi Lovato and The Used’s Bert McCracken, “Give Your Heart A Break”

Demi Lovato is amping up the sound of her classics. The Mexican-American pop star released her new album “Revamped” where she revisits her hits with rock-infused arrangements. One of the standouts is Lovato’s emo version of “Give Your Heart A Break.” In this electrifying update, she teamed up with The Used’s lead singer Bert McCracken. “Creating this project has been incredibly fun and allowed me to express my passion for rock music in a new way and I feel so much closer to my older music because of it,” she shared in a statement.

Becky G, “Querido Abuelo”

Becky G pays tribute to her late grandfather in her new single. The Mexican-American pop star also continues to embrace her roots with “Querido Abuelo.” In the beautiful sierreño song, Becky G reflects on the lasting impact her grandfather had on her life. In the music video, she shares home videos of growing up with him and her Mexican culture. The track will be included on Becky G’s regional Mexican music album “Esquinas,” which will be released on September 28.

Nohemy, “Goodbye”

Nohemy is giving Latin music an EDM makeover. Earlier this year, the Puerto Rican singer and producer released her album “Nohaus” where she uniquely blended elements of electronica, reggaeton, and pop music. Nohemy does that once again in her new single “Goodbye.” In the genre-bending track, she sings about moving on from a relationship that has run its course. “I would describe myself as an authentic artist who is not afraid to experiment and try different sounds,” Nohemy told LATINA.

Nathy Peluso and Tiago PZK, “Ella Tiene”

Nathy Peluso joins forces with fellow Argentine star Tiago PZK for her new single “Ella Tiene.” She puts an alternative twist on bachata music. Backed by the tropical beats, she trades verses with Tiago PZK about understanding a rocky relationship from the perspective of both partners. “‘Ella Tiene’ is a song dedicated to romance,” Peluso shared in a statement. “[It’s] a song that tells a troubled love story. Tiago has a very special voice and is a great artist.”

BRATTY, “Ya No Es Lo Mismo”

BRATTY is bringing a new edge to Latin music with her alternative sound. The Mexican singer-songwriter wrote her latest single “Ya No Es Lo Mismo” with Billy Miamor. In the moody bop, BRATTY sings about a romance gone cold. “Billy showed me that song and I fell in love with this story of watching a relationship die and wanting to hold on so badly, so I asked him if I could keep it,” she told LATINA. The song will be included on BRATTY’s album “Tres,” which will be released on November 3.

Yadam, “Loco”

Yadam is painting Latin pop with every color of the rainbow. The Venezuelan singer-songwriter released his debut album “Belamor” where he explores the ups and downs of a romance between two men. Yadam’s heartfelt music reflects his Latino roots blended with European influences. In the emotion rush of the standout “Loco,” he sings about being more invested in a relationship than his partner. “[My album] is about treasuring the beauty of being able to love and feel loved while learning to live with the sad part of it coming to an end,” Yadam told LATINA.

Christian Nodal, “Mujeres Divinas”

Christian Nodal is celebrating Mexican Independence Day with his new EP. In México En Mi Voz, the Mexican superstar takes on the classics of icons like Vicente Fernández and Juan Gabriel. Nodal lends his powerhouse voice to “Mujeres Divinas” by Fernández while applying his mariacheño touch. “I had been wanting to remake these beautiful songs left by the great performers of música Mexicana for a long time,” he told LATINA. On September 14, Nodal became a father when his girlfriend Cazzu gave birth to their child.

Lucas Villa is a freelance music contributor for LATINA. His work is also featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Teen Vogue, MTV News and W Magazine.