New Music Picks: Nicki Nicole, Lupita Infante, Yendry and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features new albums from Nicki Nicole and Lupita Infante and Yendry’s most vulnerable song yet.

Also on the list: Ana Tijoux’s empowering “Niñx,” Diana Flores’ dazzling dance track, and Bad Bunny’s Jersey club banger. Plus, more new albums from Juanes and Carin León.

Nicki Nicole and Milo J, “Dispara”

Nicki Nicole is baring her soul with her new album Alma. The Argentine singer explores heartbreak and how to overcome that feeling with her most personal LP yet. Previously, Nicki released the telling singles “No Voy a Llorar” and “Qué Le Pasa Conmigo?” featuring Rels B. One of the most powerful tracks is the swaggering “Dispara” with Argentine rapper Milo J. Backed by hip-hop beats, she fires off searing verses that cut her haters down to size. At the same, Nicole doesn’t let them dim her light and shares that shine with Milo J. “Mijo joins me on this song and he drops incredible bars,” she told LATINA. “It’s one of my favorite songs on the album.”

Lupita Infante, “Ya No Vuelvas”

Lupita Infante pays tribute to her grandfather, late Mexican legend Pedro Infante, with her new album. The Mexican-American singer evokes nostalgia from Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema in Amor Como En Las Películas De Antes. Infante previously teased the LP with the cinematic “Besarte Así” and the banda party jam “Pa’ Dentro.” In the emotional mariachi anthem “Ya No Vuelvas,” she finds the strength to leave a toxic relationship while kicking her ex to the curb for good. “I’m hoping other women can also connect with it and really find themselves reflected in the songs,” Infante told LATINA. “I want my album to be an experience. I want people to know deeper parts of who I am and my artistry.”

Yendry, “La Puerta”

Yendry is one of Latin music’s most exciting alternative artists. Just like her multicultural background with roots in the Dominican Republic and Italy, there’s no limits to her music and the places it goes. Yendry’s voice soars in the heartfelt ballad “La Puerta.” She gives the vintage doo-wop sound a contemporary twist with her hints of electronica. Yendry sings about the difficulty of trying to move on from the loss of a loved one while reflecting on the good times with them. “I wrote ‘La Puerta’ with Vibarco two years ago, after the death of my Italian grandfather,” she told LATINA. “I wanted this song to be relatable and resonate with those who are missing someone important in their life, whoever that is.”

Ana Tijoux, “Niñx”

Ana Tijoux is back with the new music! The Chilean rapper released the empowering “Niñx,” which previews her first studio album in nine years. Backed by hypnotic hip-hop beats, Tijoux sings about standing up for people who are marginalized by society. She notably uses inclusive language so that all people listening to her inspiring message can take it to heart. Tijoux wants everyone to embrace who they are while encouraging them to not let anyone steal their joy. “This song is born as a manifesto to the child we all have inside of us,” she told LATINA. “That living being that is capable of dreaming and building infinite castles of humanity and love.” The song will be included on her upcoming LP Vida.

Diana Flores, “Lo Que Decidí”

Diana Flores has returned with another funky dance track. The Peruvian singer-songwriter released her new single “Lo Que Decidí.” The song was produced by her longtime producer Marshall, who was at the helm of her past hits like “Nada Es Igual” and “High.” In the sultry disco song, Flores sings about second-guessing the decision of breaking up with someone that is still on her mind. “‘Lo Que Decidí’ talks about that internal struggle of not knowing if the decisions we have made were correct,” she told LATINA. “There is a bit of frustration in the song, about not knowing what to do about it, because you made those decisions yourself.” The music video for “Lo Que Decidí” will be released on June 1.

Carin León and Ángela Aguilar, “Vete Yendo”

Carin León pushes regional Mexican music to new places on his album Colmillo De Leche. The Mexican singer’s LP includes collaborations with pop stars like Colombian singer Camilo in “Ni Me Debes, Ni Te Debo” and Spanish artist Pablo Alborán in “De Piedra A Papel.” One of the standout tracks is the feel-good “Vete Yendo” with Mexican-American star Ángela Aguilar. The country-flavored song includes influences of flamenco music. León and Aguilar’s voices soar as they sing about freeing themselves from a relationship that was holding them back. “I get to show feelings and dabble in styles that I had not dared to before,” he told LATINA. “Being able to mix it all together on one record is something very refreshing, both personally and for the regional Mexican genre.”

Juanes and Mabiland, “Canción Desaparecida”

Juanes returns to his rock roots on his new album Vida Cotidiana. While getting back into his guitar-driven groove, the Colombian icon opens up about the struggles he faced with his family while they were in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. The gritty “Gris” reflects that dark moment in Juanes’ life. He comes out of that funk with the tropical “Cecilia,” an ode to his wife, featuring Juan Luis Guerra. Juanes also examines injustice happening in his country in the electrifying “Canción Desaparecida” with Mabiland. She brings soul and a fiery hip-hop flow to his song about the many people that have disappeared in Colombia. “I love Mabiland so much,” Juanes told LATiNA. “It was a very amazing experience. I think this opportunity to at least understand what really happened here in Colombia is very important to change for the future.”

Bad Bunny, “Where She Goes”

Bad Bunny has released his first taste of new music this year. Following the release of his top-selling album Un Verano Sin Ti, the Puerto Rican superstar has mostly featured on other artists’ hits like Arcángel’s “La Jumpa” and Ñengo Flow’s “Gato De Noche.” Now, Bad Bunny is embracing the sound of Jersey club music in his single “Where She Goes.” He uniquely blends the dance music genre with dembow-infused beats. The frenetic bedroom banger is seemingly inspired by his rumored relationship with Kendall Jenner. The cinematic music video includes easter eggs that appear to allude to the Kardashian family member. There’s also cameo appearances from Dominic Fike, Frank Ocean, Isabella Manderson, Julian Consuegra, Juliana Nalú, Lil Uzi Vert, Ronaldinho, Sabrina Zada, and Ysham Avdulahi.

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