New Music Picks: Paulina Rubio, Yahritza y Su Esencia, Isabella Lovestory and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features the return of Paulina Rubio and Yahritza y Su Esencia’s epic team-up with Ivan Cornejo.

Also featured on the list: new albums from Ozuna, Javiera Mena, and Isabella Lovestory, plus, Monsieur Periné’s sexy dance track and the emergence of Mexican singers Mariangela and Ingratax.

Paulina Rubio and Maffio, “Me Gusta”

Paulina Rubio is back! The Mexican pop icon is her own boss once again with her self-released single “Me Gusta.” For the single, Rubio teamed up with Dominican producer Maffio who supplied her with a unique fusion of mambo and cumbia-infused beats. Rubio commands the dance floor as she sings about how she likes to get down. About making her musical comeback, Rubio told LATINA, “I wanted to return to the studio with Maffio to give my [fanbase] Pau Powers a song that invites you to party and enjoy life. It’s delicious.” She comes through with a hot-and-heavy club banger that still has plenty of bite.

Yahritza y Su Esencia and Ivan Cornejo, “Inseparables”

Two of the rising acts in regional Mexican music have joined forces. Yahritza y Su Esencia teamed up with Ivan Cornejo for their new single “Inseparables.” In May 2022, Yahritza Martínez became the youngest Latin artist to chart on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, while Cornejo has scored one of the biggest Latin albums of the year with Dañado. Backed by the fiery sierreño sound of Yahritza’s brothers, she trades heartfelt verses with Cornejo about missing their loved ones. Yahritza’s soaring voice sounds mature beyond her years, while Cornejo adds an alternative edge to their collaboration. “Inseparables” is a heartbreaking and captivating ballad. At this year’s Latin GRAMMY Awards, Yahritza y Su Esencia garnered two nominations, including one for Best New Artist.

Isabella Lovestory, “Amor Hardcore”

Isabella Lovestory continues to march to the beat of her own drum with new album “Amor Hardcore.” The Spanglish title reflects how her bicultural roots in Honduras and in the U.S. In the neo-perreo romp “Exibisionista,” she sings about enjoying sex in public. There’s no limits to her sound, and that shows in her collaborators as well. In the dembow-infused banger “Hit,” Lovestory brings in a dark drill music edge courtesy of Dominican rapper Chucky73. In the fierce “Gateo,” she teams up with another one of neo-perreo stars, Ms Nina. As for the inspiration behind the LP, Lovestory told LATINA, “Lyrically each song has an obsessive yet carefree, dark, romantic theme. This album is a kiss that feels like a balloon popping at the same time a firework explodes, or a cherry bursting in your mouth.”

Javiera Mena, “Nocturna”

Javiera Mena has returned with her first new album in four years. The Chilean icon released the LP “Nocturna,” which includes songs from her EP “I. Entusiasmo” and a few of her recent singles, like the shimmering “La Isla De Los Lesbos.” Now that the tracks are bundled in a complete package, Mena continues to prove that she’s one of Latin music’s most exciting electronic acts. On Sept. 30, she also released the music video for “Me Gustas Tú,” a funky love song that shows a more soulful side to her artistry. Speaking on the album’s inspiration, she told LATINA, “Conceptually and emotionally, I’m connecting with the current woman that I am, with my independence and growth, and with fun and feminine pleasure.”

Mariangela, “Cama y Mesa”

Mariangela takes on a classic with her new single, covering “Cama y Mesa” by the Brazilian icon Roberto Carlos. The Mexican artist first covered the song in a video on her social media accounts and thousands of requests followed for her to record a full version. Her rock-infused version of the sultry ballad gives the people what they want, with an entrancing performance that breathes new life into the lyrics. The music video is just as luxurious: Mariangela sings while sparkling in diamonds. Mariangela told LATINA in July, “[It’s] alternative pop rock in music terms, but I just like to call it ‘Mariangela’ because it is truly just my mind and heart. Everything I love fused together.”

Ozuna, “Ozutochi”

Ozuna has returned with his new album “Ozutochi.” Across 18 tracks, the Puerto Rican superstar continues to shine as one of reggaeton’s most alluring acts. One of the standout songs is “La Suzi” with Nesi, who was the female voice behind Bad Bunny’s hit “Yo Perreo Sola.” Ozuna gives perreo an electronic makeover as he trades verses with Nesi finding lust on the dance floor. “Un Reel” is one of the album’s dreamy moments featuring Argentine singer TINI. Lofty beats back both singers as they sing about a blossoming romance. In the sexy “El Cel,” Ozuna revisits reggaeton roots alongside Chencho Corleone, Arcángel, Randy, and J Balvin. He holds it down on his own in the magical “Mañana.”

Monsieur Periné, “Bailo Pa Ti”

Monsieur Periné is keeping the new music coming this year. Previously, the Bogotá-based act released singles like the empowering “Nada” and the sweet love song “Tú y Yo.” Now the group that’s led by Catalina García and Santiago Prieto are making their fans dance with the sensual “Bailo Pa Ti.” Backed by Afro-Colombian beats with a flamenco twist, García sings about captivating her lover on the dance floor. Speaking about the song’s meaning, García told LATINA, “‘Bailo Pa Ti’ is connected to the truth: to how good it feels to dance and enjoy yourself, laugh, flirt, give and receive. Dancing is the gift of flow.” Monsieur Periné masterfully melds metaphors of dancing and love-making into one seriously sexy track.

Ingratax, “VELOZzzz”

Ingratax continues to show how her unique sound knows no genre. In her breakthrough single, last year’s “Paris,” the Mexican singer blended elements of alternative and reggaeton music. Back in July, she embraced her Mexican roots by teaming up with Mexican group Banda MS for “Un Chingazo.” In her new single “VELOZzzz,” she experiments with a synth-pop sound. Back by fluttering synths, her voice soars as she sings about an otherworldly romance. About the dreamy track, Ingratax told LATINA, “I feel that it is a different side of me. Artistically it is the same futuristic concept, a little more evolved. I feel that this song represents me 100 percent. It’s the eighties pop that I like a lot in terms of the lyrics and the beat.”