New Music Picks: Rebecca Black, Chiquis, Le Coco, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features Maluma’s FIFA World Cup anthem with Nicki Minaj, Rebecca Black’s sexy track “Crumbs,” and the emergence of Le Coco.

Also on the list: Elena Rose continues her breakthrough with “Bayamón,” Chiquis re-recorded a Christmas classic, and Tokischa embraces corridos tumbados with Natanael Cano. Plus, Gordo’s fresh collaboration with Feid and Emilia’s gritty dance track.

Rebecca Black, “Crumbs”

Rebecca Black is emerging as one of the most exciting alternative artists. She has grown so much as an artist since releasing her debut single Friday back in 2011. Black is of Mexican descent on her mother’s side and she embraced her Latina roots in the freaky “Cafe Racer” earlier this year with DAGR and LVL1. In her new single “Crumbs,” Black shines solo as she sings about being hungry for romance. She told LATINA, “As I enter this new moment, I wanted to explore the vulnerability I’ve felt in finding balance with submission, dominance, and sexuality. I’ve had to dive into my own body to feel the deeply powerful but also dangerous feelings of relinquishing control.”

Le Coco, “Indestructible”

Le Coco is an alternative artist from Venezuela who blends hip-hop beats into her music like with her trippy hit “Dueño,” which marked her foray onto the global stage. In her new single “Indestructible,” she’s backed by trap beats with an electronic twist as she sings about being resilient despite the difficulties in her life. Speaking on the inspiration for the song, she told LATINA, “It’s my truth and the result of many years, travels, missteps and depression. But there’s almost nothing left of that anymore. It’s an empowering anthem that sounds refreshing and authentically Le Coco.

Chiquis, “Jingle Bells (Vamos All The Way)”

Chiquis put a new twist on a holiday classic just in time for Christmas. In collaboration with the dating app Chispa, she released a banda version of the “Jingle Bells.” Chiquis sings in Spanglish throughout to reflect her Mexican-American roots. “Vamos all the way,” she playfully sings. Last week, Chiquis won her second Latin Grammy Award for Best Banda Album for her Abeja Reina LP. In that same week, she also received her first Grammy Award nomination for Best Regional Mexican Music Album. Reflecting on the nomination, she told LATINA, “‘Abeja Reina’ is the culmination of two years of dedication and passion. This nomination is confirmation that all of the hard work and every step I have taken in my career to continue to record quality music, has been worth it.”

Elena Rose, “Bayamón”

Elena Rose‘s journey from songwriter to artist is an exciting story to watch unfold. The Venezuelan-American artist has helped penned hits for artists like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, and Becky G. Back in July, she signed a recording contract with Warner Music Latina. Rose is coming into her own with refreshing Latin pop. She debuted in a big way with the “La Ducha (Remix)” featuring Becky G, María Becerra, TINI, and Greeicy. Now she is shining solo in her new single “Bayamón.” Rose blends tropical pop with elements of reggaeton as she sings the Puerto Rican city where she grew up. Her feel-good love song also includes lyrics from the classic “Bam Bam” by Sister Nancy. Anthony Ramos co-stars in the music video with her.

Emilia, “Underground”

2022 has been a breakthrough year for Emilia. The Argentine pop star scored one of her biggest hits with the reggaeton banger “Cuatro Veinte.” In August, she got the blessing from Beyoncé’s team to use an interpolation of Destiny’s Child classic “Independent Women Part I” in her sassy single “La Chain.” Now Emilia is showing a grittier side to her artistry with her new single “Underground.” She blends reggaeton music with an electronic edge as she sings about perreando like there’s no tomorrow. Emilia is ready to get the party started and keep it going strong with this dazzling dance track.

Nicki Minaj, Maluma, and Myriam Fares, “Tukoh Taka”

Nicki Minaj is rapping in Spanish once again, this time with Colombian superstar Maluma for their new single “Tukoh Taka.” The global dance track, which they recorded with Lebanese singer Myriam Fares, is also the 2022 FIFA World Cup anthem. Minaj notably rapped in Spanish in Karol G’s song “Tusa,” and she does a bit of that again here. Maluma delivers a sultry performance while Fares brings Middle Eastern authenticity to the track. Maluma told LATINA, “I am so happy to be part of this FIFA World Cup anthem! I always dreamt of an opportunity like this. Representing Latin music on this global track alongside amazing artists that sing in English and Arabic, takes our culture to another level.”

Gordo and Feid, “Hombres y Mujeres”

The Guatemalan-American hit-maker Gordo is stepping out from producing to becoming an artist. He co-produced nearly half of Drake’s dance album “Honestly, Nevermind” and also had a hand in producing the aforementioned FIFA World Cup anthem. Now, Gordo is continuing to dominate EDM while bringing Latin acts into the scene. For his new single “Hombre y Mujeres,” he teamed up with Colombian singer Feid. Hypnotic house beats meet Feid’s reggaeton flow and the result is a euphoric and bicultural banger. House music has always been present in Gordo’s life. He told LATINA, “I really have a true passion for it. I grew up listening to that kind of stuff, so it’s in my soul. My DNA. My aunt was trans and there was a lot of gay people in my family, so I was always listening to house music.”

Tokischa and Natanael Cano, “Kilos De Amor”

Tokischa experiments with regional Mexican music for the first time in her new single “Kilos De Amor.” On the track, the rising Dominican dembow star takes a break from the dembow beats to embrace Mexican corridos tumbados with Natanael Cano. Though it’s her first foray in the genre, Tokischa sounds at home as captures the angst behind the song in a powerful performance. Cano complements her well by adding some Mexican authenticity to their fiery collaboration. The two artists trade verses about dealing out their love like it’s a drug. Her artistry knows no limits, Tokischa told LATINA, “I just make people feel free [with my music]. Just freedom, that’s what I want. For everybody to feel free to say whatever they want, to feel free to feel whatever they want to feel, and happiness, and love.”

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