New Music Picks: Shakira, Alejandra Guzmán, iLe, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features new albums from Yuridia and iLe, and Shakira returns with “Monotonía,” featuring Ozuna. Also on the list: Snow the Product’s new LP, The Rude Boyz’s debut with Maluma and Adam Levine, as well as Jhayco’s collaboration with Feid and Sech. Plus, new rock-infused anthems from Alejandra Guzmán and GALE.

Shakira and Ozuna, “Monotonía”

Shakira has finally released a follow-up single to her global hit “Te Felicito.” This time around, the Colombian superstar teamed up with Ozuna, whose roots are in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, for her new single “Monotonía.” Backed by twinkling bachata beats, Shakira and Ozuna sing about the heartache of breaking up. The telling lyrics could be related to Shakira’s recent split from Gerard Piqué. “Suddenly you were no longer the same / You left me because of your narcissism,” she sings in Spanish. Whether it’s autobiographical or a work of poetic fiction, Shakira knows how to pull at the heartstrings with this beautifully vulnerable ballad.

Alejandra Guzmán, “Tuya”

Alejandra Guzmán has released her first taste of new music this year. The Mexican icon is returning to her rock music roots in her new single “Tuya.” Guzmán, who is also known as La Reina Del Rock, sings about enjoying a bit of self-love while thinking about her lover. Her sensual performance is backed by the surge of electric guitars. “Tuya” is a sexy rock ‘n’ roll romp where Guzmán sounds at home. Speaking on the song’s inspiration, she told LATINA, “‘Tuya’ is an intimate and powerful song. I don’t think I have ever written such a personal song, and it is amazing how far you can go with your desires and passion, and then let your imagination fly.”

iLe, “Nacarile”

iLe is back with her new album “Nacarile.” The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter continues to challenge machismo, or the toxic masculinity, of Latinx culture, and she does that with plenty of all-women collaborations. The album’s most stunning moment is her knockout collaboration with reggaeton pioneer Ivy Queen. In “Algo Bonito,” both artists trade verses about resisting the control men have tried to have over women. iLe elaborated on the song’s message, “We want safe and legal abortion. Those are the good things we want to hear.” She also teamed up with Chilean rocker Mon Laferte for “Traguito.” In captivating bolero, iLe and Laferte sing about mending at the bar with a few girlfriends. With “Nacarile,” iLe takes her sound and empowering message to the next level.

Yuridia, “Pa’ Luego Es Tarde”

Yuridia has returned with her new album “Pa’ Luego Es Tarde.” For the first time, the Mexican singer embraces the regional Mexican music genre. Among the new songs on the LP, she teams up with Mexican-American singer Ángela Aguilar for “Qué Agonía.” The daughter of Pepe Aguilar and Yuridia deliver powerhouse performances as they sing about the growing pains of love. Both their voices soar in the sweeping mariachi ballad. Another standout on the album is Yuridia’s cover of the classic “Alma Enamorada” by late Mexican singer Chalino Sanchez. She breathes new life into the haunting corrido about love. Yuridia sounds like she’s having fun embracing her Mexican roots on the album and it’s a joy to listen to.

Snow Tha Product, “To Anywhere”

After a few years of hit singles, Snow Tha Product has finally released her first major album. With 16 tracks, the “To Anywhere” LP gave the Mexican-American rapper plenty of room to express herself. The new batch of songs reflect Snow Tha Product’s bicultural background. On the American side of the hip-hop scene, Snow Tha Product teams up with Juicy J in the galactic banger “Not Today.” On the Latin side, she collaborates with Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan in the bonkers “Bájala” and Puerto Rican singer Vf7 in the hard-hitting “Cash Cash.” The album also features the alluring “Piña” featuring Lauren Jauregui. With the LP, Snow Tha Product flexes her bilingual flow, demonstrating she can work around any genre.

GALE, “D Pic”

GALE is putting an alternative spin on Latin music. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter is known for penning hits for artists like Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Anitta, and Cardi B. This year, GALE launched her own music career with her debut single “Inmadura.” Now she is continuing to push boundaries even further in her new single “D Pic.” Backed by a grungy rock sound, GALE sings about men sending her unsolicited pictures of their private parts. She told LATINA that the raucous anthem’s message came from personal experience, “I had gone through this experience, and consent is very important to me, so this song wrote itself. I had a clear idea of the vibe and sounds I wanted for the song: a mixture of grunge, pop, rock, and a melodic rap that adds a bit of Puerto Rican flow to the song. This song is my way of saying ‘if you aren’t asked for it, don’t send it,’ so I hope people will connect with it.”

The Rudeboyz, Adam Levine, and Maluma, “Ojalá”

After producing multiple hits for Maluma, The Rudeboyz are stepping out as artists in their own right. The Colombian producers have worked with Maluma on his biggest songs like “Felices Los 4,” “Chantaje” with Shakira, and “Hawái.” Duo Bryan “Chan El Genio” Lezcano Chaverra and Kevin “Kevin ADG” Mauricio Jiménez Londoño are now making their debut with Maluma and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine in “Ojalá.” In the sexy love song, The Rudeboyz masterfully blend Levine’s pop sound with the reggaeton beats for which Maluma is known, while Levine sings in Spanish for the first time alongside Maluma. Both of their worlds collide in this alluring collaboration.

Jhayco, Feid, and Sech, “En La De Ella”

After taking a break earlier this year, Jhayco has returned with his single “En La De Ella.” The Puerto Rican singer teamed up with Colombian artist Feid and Panamanian star Sech. All three artists are known for their sentimental reggaeton sound, which makes this a dream collaboration come true. Backed by atmospheric reggaeton beats, Jhayco, Feid, and Sech take turns serenading the women that they’re interested in with steamy lyrics. The trio also sings about the women living their best lives in the club. Jhayco continues to push reggaeton music into the future with this sexy reggaeton romp that feels nostalgic yet new.

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