New Music Picks: Snow Tha Product, Lauren Jauregui, Kali Uchis and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features the incredible collaboration between Snow Tha Product and Lauren Jauregui, the debut of Conexión Divina, and María Becerra’s hotly-anticipated “Automático.”

Also on the list: Julieta Venegas with something familiar yet fresh, Las Villas’ ode to love, and Sebastián Yatra jumping on Lasso’s hit. Plus, Micro TDH celebrates Venezuela with Mau y Ricky in “La Chama” and Myke Towers stuns in “Luces de Neon,” and more music.

Snow Tha Product and Lauren Jauregui, “Piña”

Snow Tha Product embraces a hypnotic reggaeton beat alongside Lauren Jauregui for her new single “Piña.” The artists, both openly bisexual, sing about about bringing all the women to the yard with their appetizing pineapples. Snow Tha Product shows a sultrier side of her music with Jauregui, who gives their collaboration an alluring touch. “Do you want to keep coming for more?” Jauregui sings. “Piña” is an irresistible reggaeton romp that’s served up by a fierce Latina duo. This is Snow Tha Product’s latest collaboration, following recent releases with artists like Gera MX, Steve Aoki, and Alemán.

Conexión Divina, “Odio”

Conexión Divina made its debut this week with the single “Odio.” After signing with Sony Music Latin earlier this year, the Mexican-American trio is making history as the first Gen-Z, all-female sierreño group. Conexión Divina is comprised of singer Liz Trujillo and her bandmates Ashlee Valenzuela and Sandra Calixto, who met each other via direct message on social media. “Odio” is a heartbreaking ballad where Trujillo sings about frustrations of being in an unrequited romance. “You’re right there with those feelings,” she told LATINA, “You want it to work, but you don’t know why it’s not working and it’s frustrating.” Trujillo and Valenzuela, who are both openly queer, are caught up in a love triangle in the music video that includes both women and men. Conexión Divina is just getting started and they’re already breaking down barriers.

María Becerra, “Automático”

María Becerra is pushing her music career to the next level with her new single “Automático.” It’s her third new release of the year, after the kiss-off anthem “Ojala” and the heartbreaking “Felices x Siempre.” The Argentine singer calls her latest an “ode to old school reggaeton.” Becerra blends dembow beats with a synth-pop touch. She sings about revving up her lover’s life like a race car. Becerra slows things down at the halfway point to flex her fierce flow before things pick up again. “Automático” is an exhilarating reggaeton romp with Becerra in the driver seat. The song previews her upcoming album “La Nena de Argentina.”

Las Villa, “Amor y Sal”

Las Villa is comprised of sisters Laura and Lucia Villa. The Colombian duo have experimented in multiple Latin genres this year, including bachata in “La Carta” and tropical-infused sounds in “Brindaré.” For their new single “Amor y Sal,” Las Villa beautifully blends reggaeton beats with flickers of synths and guitar. Together, the sisters sing about how bittersweet it can be to find love these days. They channel their frustrations into a hypnotic banger that shows there’s limits to their artistry. In the colorful music video, the women of Las Villa are all aboard a train and dancing in the hallways, bringing to life the vivaciousness of the song.

Myke Towers, “Luces de Neon”

Myke Towers is continuing to embrace elements of electronica in his music. The Puerto Rican rapper first dabbled in the sound on his dance track “Experimento.” In his new single “Luces de Neon,” Towers blends reggaeton beats with electronic flickers that err on the side of Afrobeats. He’s a smooth operator here as he sings about a woman that dazzles on the dance floor. Towers sounds like he’s in awe of her in one of his most heartfelt performances. “Luces de Neon” is an alluring love song that’s irresistible with Towers’ swagger in the mix. Towers is getting ready to release his next album “Michael.” later this year. Last month, he dropped the sensual “Ande Con Quien Ande” with Jhayco.

Julieta Venegas, “Te Encontré”

Julieta Venegas continues to tease her new album. After releasing songs like the funky “Mismo Amor” and the sparkling “En Tu Orilla,” the Mexican icon is going back to a more familiar sound in “Te Encontré.” The song is the fourth single from her upcoming album, also titled “Mismo Amor.” The breezy pop harkens back to Venegas’ “Limón y Sal” days with producer Álex Anwandter adding an electronic touch to the mix. Venegas sings about finding the person of her dreams after sifting through a few duds. On the new album, Venegas previously told LATINA, “Along with [Alex], I have seen how the songs we’ve done together have grown until they became a dreamy collection.”

Micro TDH and Mau y Ricky, “La Chama”

Micro TDH continues to collaborate with artists from his native Venezuela. The singer-songwriter joins forces with his compatriots Mau y Ricky for his new single “La Chama,” the title of which is affectionate slang for a woman in Venezuela. “‘La Chama’ is a clear part of the Venezuelan vernacular in addition to the fact that women, Venezuelan girls, are the most beautiful thing that Venezuela has,” Micro TDH told LATINA. Backed by an alluring reggaeton beat, Micro TDH and Mau y Ricky take turns serenading las chamas of their eyes. Micro’s smooth vocals are rounded out well by the duo’s sultry touch. “La Chama” is a sexy love song that celebrates Venezuelan culture.

Lasso and Sebastián Yatra, “Ojos Marrones”

Lasso is making waves around the world with his breakthrough hit “Ojos Marrones.” The single has amassed over 87 million streams on Spotify. For a new version of the song, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter teamed up with Colombian heartthrob Sebastián Yatra. Lasso and Yatra are the dream duo that we didn’t know we needed. In the folk-pop anthem, Lasso sings about getting lost in the eyes of his lover. Yatra adds his sultry touch to track as he sweetly serenades the listener. The two artists performed the nostalgic love song together for the first time at the L.A. stop of Yatra’s Dharma Tour earlier this month.

Kali Uchis, “No Hay Ley”

Kali Uchis has returned with her first taste of new music this year. “No Hay Ley” marks the Colombian-American star’s first major single since the release of her breakthrough album, 2020’s “Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios).” Uchis hits her soulful stride as she embraces house music. She owns the dance floor with a powerful message of “love is love.” Uchis is openly bisexual and she’s coming through with a dazzling club banger for the LGBTQ+ community. “I wrote this song about putting love above all else,” she told LATINA. “‘En el amor no hay ley’ means ‘there are no laws to love.’ Be with who makes you happy, and don’t listen to what anyone else has to say about it because it wasn’t their business in the first place!”

Romeo Santos, “Formula, Vol. 3”

The King of Bachata is back! Romeo Santos has released his new album, “Formula Vol. 3.” The Dominican-American star continues pushing the boundaries of bachata music to new places in his LP. In his new single “Sin Fin,” Santos teams up with pop star Justin Timberlake. Their two voices soar and complement each other well in the sultry love song. In the sexy “El Pañuelo,” bachata and flamenco music collide by way of Santos and Spanish singer Rosalía. “I’m very proud of how far bachata has gotten,” Santos told LATINA. “Anyone that wants to do bachata and do it with their own stamp I think is key. I always feel that’s a plus for me. I think it’s amazing. I want more of it. I embrace them for doing it. I just want to see more of that.”

Nicki Nicole, “Nobody Like Yo”

While everyone is embracing merengue music right now, Nicki Nicole is on a different tropical music vibe. The Argentine singer blends salsa music with trap beats in her new single “Nobody Like Yo.” The swaggering anthem marks Nicole’s first solo single since the release of her debut album, “Parte De Mi,” last year. Backed by brass and bass, she packs a lyrical punch as she lets her partner know that no one else can love harder than her. “‘Nobody Like Yo’ is a song that I have wanted everyone to hear for a long time,” Nicole told LATINA. “It was saved for just the right moment which is now. It talks about an internal battle between two people that grapple every day due to their egos and pretentiousness.”

Ha*Ash and Kenia OS, “Mi Salida Contigo”

Sister act Ha*Ash is back with their new album “Haashtag.” The LP has many different flavors to it, like the country-pop sound the Mexican-American duo embrace in “Lo Que Un Hombre Debería Saber.” For their latest single, Ha*Ash teamed up with Mexican singer Kenia OS in “Mi Salida Contigo.” Ha*Ash blends accordion-laden Latin pop with a touch of rock that reflects their bicultural roots. They trade verses with OS about moving on from exes that took them on crappy dates. This soulful and sassy kiss-off track is a standout. “This is an album where we return to our roots in a very organic way,” Ha*Ash told LATINA. “We would not like to define it by a single genre because just as it has pop, it also has country and rock as well. It is an amalgamation of many facets of our lives that make up our essence.”

Lupita Infante, “Pa’ Dentro”

After signing a record contract with Sony Music Latin earlier this year, Lupita Infante has released her second single “Pa’ Dentro.” She is the granddaughter of Pedro Infante, an icon of Mexican cinema and music. The Mexican-American singer made her Sony debut in April with “Hazme Tuya.” With her follow-up, Infante embraces banda music. Backed by brassy production, she sings about enjoying a few drinks with her friends in the bar. Her Mexican grito adds a nice kick to the feel-good anthem. “’Pa’ Dentro’ is a song that was missing in my repertoire, a song that would allow me to toast at shows with my audience, and a jovial song that you can listen to with friends,” Infante told LATINA. “It is a tribute to Mexican culture and our passion for tequila, things that always go hand in hand.”

Wisin, Natti Natasha and Los Legendarios, “Tiempo”

Wisin has made a name for himself outside of el dúo dinámico with Los Legendarios. The Puerto Rican icon and his production group had one of last year’s biggest hits with “Fiel” featuring Jhayco. Now Wisin is teaming up with Dominican superstar Natti Natasha for the alluring “Tiempo.” Backed by a beat that ticks like a clock, Wisin and Natasha trade verses about a romance that grows stronger over time. Wisin’s signature aggressive flow is rounded out well by Natasha’s sultry touch to the song. “Working with Natti Natasha is always an honor and she was the one I always thought of for this song because she brings that combination of sensuality and energy in her voice,” Wisin told LATINA.

Joyce Santana, Young Miko, Villano Antillano, YOVNGCHIMI and Luar La L, “Besties” (Remix)

Joyce Santana and Young Miko have released a new remix of their hit “Besties.” The duo added more of Puerto Rico’s finest to the mix, including Villano Antillano, Luar La L and YOVNGCHIMI. The collaboration marks an important moment for queer visibility in the Puerto Rican music scene with Young Miko and Villano Antillano once again joining forces. The real-life besties sing the catchy chorus together before Antillano tears up the track with her fierce guest verse. “That’s my b*tch / I love her / She gets me,” Antillano playfully sings. With this feel-good banger, the old saying about “the more, the merrier” rings true.

Corina Smith and Kevvo, “Rápida,”

Corina Smith was one of our favorite artists at Vibra Urbana in Las Vegas earlier this year. She’s holding it down for Venezuela and women in reggaeton music. In her new single “Rápida,” Smith teamed up with Puerto Rican rapper Kevvo. Backed by perreo-ready beats, Smith and Kevvo trade verses about getting down and dirty on the dance floor. Smith’s alluring voice makes this reggaeton romp simply irresistible. “To be doing this, I feel like I’m carrying my country on my shoulders,” Smith previously told LATINA. “With my music, I want to cross many borders. I hope it touches people who feel the same way I do.”