New Music Picks: Thalia, Kenia Os, Kali Uchis, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features Thalia’s team-up with Kenia Os, Kali Uchis’ new album, and iLe’s fierce track with Ivy Queen.

Also on the list: Y La Bamba’s resilient anthem, Møya Rey’s empowering “Back Up,” and Wisin’s collaboration Emilia and Lyanno. Plus, Marshmello’s merengue banger with Manuel Turizo and Young Miko’s swaggering single.

Thalia and Kenia Os, “Para No Verte Más”

Mexican pop icon Thalia is teaming up with a rising star from her country, Kenia Os. Both women join forces for their feel-good cover of La Mosca Tsé Tsé’s “Para No Verte Más.” Thalia gives the ska rock classic a brassy, big band spin. “It brings me joy to be able to bring one of my favorite songs to life, and even more so to be able to revive this classic for new generations at the hand of an artist like Kenia,” she told LATINA.

Kali Uchis and Omar Apollo, “Worth The Wait”

Kali Uchis returned with her new album Red Moon in Venus. In recent months, the Colombian-American star previewed the lush collection with the singles “I Wish You Roses” and “Moonlight.” Though this isn’t her promised Spanish LP, Uchis teamed up with the producers behind “Telepatía” for two more Spanglish hits on this album. Red Moon in Venus includes the sensual “Como Te Quiero Yo” and swaggering “Hasta Cuando.” She also joined forces with her bestie Omar Apollo for the dreamy “Worth The Wait” where they sing about wanting more from a red-hot fling. Uchis takes her alt-R&B to the next level in her most alluring album yet.

Young Miko, “Lisa”

Young Miko shines solo in her new single “Lisa.” The Puerto Rican rapper has become a go-to artist for features in recent hits by Arcángel, Yandel, and Hozwal. Backed by trap beats, Young Miko lets her swaggering flow loose as name-checks the women who drive her wild. “Baby, I’m a gentleman, I’ll take off your dress,” she spits in Spanglish. Young Miko embraces her queer identity while proving she’s one of the hardest rappers in Latin hip-hop with this slick bop.

iLe and Ivy Queen, “Algo Bonito”

In honor of Women’s History Month, Puerto Rican singer-songwriter iLe released the music video for her collaboration with Ivy Queen. The reggaeton pioneer joins iLe in their knockout track “Algo Bonito.” Both women trade verses about resisting the control that men have tried to have over women. “It is a video that expresses feminine liberation with a play between the past and the present,” iLe told LATINA. “Having Ivy Queen on ‘Algo Bonito’ is a reminder that, thanks to voices like hers, our fight as women keeps growing stronger.” The song was released on iLe’s Nacarile album.

Y La Bamba, “Collapse”

Y La Bamba remains a band of resilience in their new single “Collapse.” The alternative group is led by Mexican-American singer Luz Elena Mendoza Ramos. In the atmospheric track, Ramos sings about keeping her head up and not giving into trying times. “This song is about my self-empowerment, and not giving up on my evolution or holding back my intuition,” she told LATINA. “It’s a song about realizing that I have gotten myself this far even though sh*t has been rough for many years.” Y La Bamba’s new album Lucha will be released on April 28.

Møya Rey, “Back Up”

Møya Rey is pushing music to new places with her limitless sound. In the empowering “Back Up,” the Dominican-American singer seamlessly blends Amapiano house, drill, and hip-hop music. In English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, Rey uses her versatile flow to check men who harass women in the street. “‘Back Up’ is lowkey a diss track to these random men who are outside tryna holla at young girls,” Rey told LATINA. “I still get unwanted cat calls in the most belittling way, so the lyrics are partly about telling these crusty, dusty, musty men to back up.”

Wisin, Emilia, and Lyanno, “Tu Recuerdo”

Wisin supports the next generation of Latin artists with his new single “Tu Recuerdo.” The Puerto Rican icon joined forces with rising singer Lyanno and Argentine pop star Emilia. In the reggaeton romp, the three artists trade verses about old flames who continue to linger on their minds. “I feel like I’m achieving a big dream to collaborate with a beast like Wisin and Lyanno,” Emilia told LATINA. “It’s an honor to represent my country. Who would’ve thought that I would have this team-up with Puerto Rico?” Wisin, Emilia, and Lyanno masterfully shift between romantic and sensual in this captivating collaboration.

Marshmello and Manuel Turizo, “El Merengue”

After scoring a hit with “La Bachata,” Manuel Turizo is now embracing merengue music with Marshmello. The hit DJ and producer brings back the genre’s electrónico sound era in “El Merengue,” which Turizo sweetens with his sultry vocals. The Colombian artist sings about trying to forget an ex in the shuffle of the dance floor. Marshmello and Turizo are turning up the heat with this heartbreak tune. Turizo’s highly-anticipated 2000 album will be released on March 17.

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