New Music Picks: Thalia, Omar Apollo, Bad Bunny & Drake, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list includes Thalia‘s regional Mexican music ballad, Omar Apollo‘s personal EP, and Drake reuniting with Bad Bunny.

Also on the list: La Factoría returns with Eddy Lover, Ana Tijoux honors the memory of her late sister, and Leon Leiden joins forces with Juliana. Plus, Mau y Ricky‘s genre-bending track and Feid‘s nostalgia reggaeton banger.

Thalia, “Bebé, Perdón”

When LATINA asked Thalia back in May about exploring corridos tumbados in the future, she said, “Yes! I love it! I’m the number one fan of that genre. As a Mexican, imagine how I feel. I’m the original and authentic ‘Amor A La Mexicana’!” We don’t have a corrido from her yet, but the Mexican pop icon released a beautiful sierreño song called “Bebé, Perdón.” Embracing the sounds of her country, Thalia sings about deeply missing an ex, but wishing them the best, even if that’s with someone else. It’s a promising preview of her upcoming album “A Mucha Honra.”

Omar Apollo, “Live For Me”

Omar Apollo is getting personal in his new EP “Live For Me.” The Mexican-American singer appears to reflect on his life since the fame, including his coming out process in “Ice Slippin.” “These four songs are a reflection of the realities I’ve had to face in the last few years,” Apollo shared in a statement. “Coming to terms with the person I was becoming and letting go of the old to be able to feel like myself and whatever purity I had left.” In the soulful “Live For Me,” he offers a heartfelt message of hope.

Drake and Bad Bunny, “Gently”

Drake has joined forces with Bad Bunny once again for “Gently.” The Canadian artist previously teamed up with Bad Bunny for “Mía” in 2018. Unlike the times where Drake sang in Spanish with the Puerto Rican superstar and Romeo Santos before, his delivery this time around is wonky and haphazard. The dembow beats hit at the halfway point and Bad Bunny becomes the saving grace of this surprise collaboration. He sings about getting freaky in the most luxurious ways. The song, which was helmed by Guatemalan-American producer Gordo, was included on Drake’s “For All My Dogs” album.

La Factoría, Eddy Lover, and Farruko, “Perdóname”

La Factoría had a shining moment at the Billboard Latin Music Awards last week. The Panamanian icon reunited with Eddy Lover for a new version of their 2006 hit “Perdóname.” The reggaeton classic was upgraded with elements of Afrobeats and the sexy sound of a saxophone. Puerto Rican singer Farruko also joined La Factoría and Eddy Lover. La Factoría put a contemporary and empowering twist on the song by singing about not offering the men any forgiveness for their transgressions.

Ana Tijoux, “Tania”

Ana Tijoux is back with new music. The Chilean icon has returned with “Tania,” an ode to late sister. In the tropical track, Tijoux not only honors her sister’s memory, but encourages the listener to live life to the fullest. “This song is born as a manifesto to the child we all have inside of us,” she shared in a statement. “That living being that is capable of dreaming and building infinite castles of humanity and love.” The feel-good anthem will be included on Tijoux’s album “Vida,” which will be released in the fall.

Leon Leiden and Juliana, “La Terminal”

A previous Latin Grammy Best New Artist winner is teaming up with a current contender. Colombian singer Juliana, who won the award in 2021, is joining forces with Mexican artist Leon Leiden. In their new song “La Terminal,” Leiden blends elements of synth-pop with an alternative edge. Juliana and Leiden turn that dramatic moment in rom-coms where one lover stops their partner from boarding a plane into a dreamy collaboration. Both artists sing about wanting to right the wrongs of a relationship that’s on the rocks.

Mau y Ricky, “Vas A Destrozarme”

Mau y Ricky are kicking off a new era in their career. The Venezuelan brothers created their new single “Vas A Destrozarme” with Frank Ocean producer Malay, JP Saxe, and their longtime collaborator JonTheProducer. Mau y Ricky blend vintage doo-wop with surprising influences of Mexican banda music. They sing together about the pain of developing feelings from a friends with benefits situation. “This is a song that talks about a forbidden but inevitable love,” Mau y Ricky shared in a statement. “It is from a very honest point of view, fragile and vulnerable.” The song will be included on their upcoming album “Hotel Caracas.”

Feid, “Ferxxo 30”

Feid is giving his fans the gift of a long-awaited song. After teasing “Ferxxo 30” for the past two years on social media, the Colombian superstar has finally released it. Feid blends an old-school perreo sound with elements of electronica in haunting track. He sings about not being able to shake off the memory of an ex that still has a hold on him. Feid added the song to his latest album, “Mor, No Le Temas A La Oscuridad,” which dropped the week prior.

Lucas Villa is a freelance music contributor for LATINA. His work is also featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Teen Vogue, MTV News and W Magazine.