New Music Picks: Tini, Becky G, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features the new album from Tini, the return of Rodrigo y Gabriela, and rising Puerto Rican singer Yari M.

Also on the list: Omar Apollo releases a heartbreak anthem, GALE finds her footing in dance music, and Sofia Delfino puts heart into “Extraño.” Plus, Becky G teams up with Fuerza Regida and Goyo’s impactful duet with Hendrix B.

Tini, “Cupido”

Tini returned with her new album “Cupido.” The Argentine pop star dances away heartbreak in the dembow-infused title track. Instead of romance, Cupid’s arrow led to a complicated relationship. Tini told LATINA, “[The song] is something that’s very simple, but real and easy to understand, and it says everything.” Her LP also includes the cumbia-influenced bangers like “La Triple T” and “Miénteme” featuring María Becerra. Tini also teamed up with Becky G and Anitta for the fierce collaboration “La Loto” on the album.

Fuerza Regida and Becky G, “Te Quiero Besar”

Becky G embraces corridos music with Fuerza Regida on their new single “Te Quiero Besar” that was released on Valentine’s Day. The Mexican-American band blends corridos with a norteño music edge. Fuerza Regida’s Jesús Ortiz Paz, who is also known as JOP, and Becky G shower each other with loving lyrics. This feel-good love song is perfect music to cruise to with that special someone.

Rodrigo y Gabriela, “Descending To Nowhere”

Rodrigo y Gabriela are ready to rock once again. The Mexican duo, which includes members Rodrigo Sánchez and Gabriela Quintero, are known for their sublime guitar-playing skills. In their new single “Descending To Nowhere,” Rodrigo y Gabriela embrace a funkier sound. The cinematic track will be included on their album “In Between Thoughts… A New World,” which is due out April 21. The LP was inspired by their study of Advaita Vedanta, a Hindu philosophy rooted in the concept of nondualism. On the spiritual approach to their upcoming album, Rodrigo told LATINA, “If it benefits people in any way to learn about [Advaita], then that’s wonderful. But for us it was a way to explore something that’s brought us a lot of peace and freedom, something that we love talking about because it’s changed our lives in an incredible way.”

GALE, “Nuestra Canción”

GALE continues to take Latin new music to new places in her new single “Nuestra Canción.” In the stunning dance track, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter blends reggaeton music with elements of electronica. She channels her angst into a cathartic moment of euphoria. She told LATINA, “‘Nuestra Canción’ is about letting go, about finally accepting that the relationship is over, and that instead of crying alone at home, you go out dancing and face that song that was yours and that person’s.”

Yari M, “Esta Lloviendo”

Yari M is an emerging singer-songwriter from Puerto Rico who has collaborated with reggaeton acts like Randy Nota Loca and Brray over the last year. Yari M puts a pop twist on bachata music in her new single “Esta Lloviendo.” Her voice is alluring as she finds her strength to move on from a breakup. Yari M shared her hopes for the track with LATINA: “May it be an inspiration to other people who have been through heartbreak and that no matter what happens, you have to stay positive and enjoy life.”

Sofia Delfino, “Extraños”

Sofia Delfino wears her heart on her sleeve in her new single “Extraños,” an emotional ballad which the Miami-based singer wrote herself. Delfino’s voice soars as she sings about struggling to move on from a breakup. She told LATINA that writing the song was a form of therapy. “When I listen to it today it really feels just like the song I would have wanted and needed while I was going through the mourning of my broken heart,” Delfino said.

Hendrix B and Goyo, “Bonitas”

Gloria “Goyo” Martínez teamed up with fellow rising Colombian singer Hendrix B. The ChocQuibTown singer and rapper features on Hendrix B’s empowering single “Bonitas.” Goyo and Hendrix B trade verses about women reclaiming their power and loving themselves in a world where they can face harassment and femicide. The music video sheds light on that tragic reality while highlighting the beauty of women from different walks of life.

Omar Apollo, “3 Boys”

Fresh off his Best New Artist nomination at this year’s Grammy Awards, Omar Apollo released his new single “3 Boys.” On the track, the Mexican-American singer blends doo-wop music with a psychedelic twist. Apollo, who is openly gay, sings about the heartache of his partner possibly having another guy on the side. The dreamy track is Apollo’s first taste of new music since the release of his debut album “Ivory” last year.

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