New Music Picks: Tokischa, Anitta, Ryan Castro, and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features new music from Dominican star Tokischa and the debuts of Medellín’s Ryan Castro and Puerto Rico’s Paopao.

Also on the list: Anitta releases her “Gata” music video, Carlos Zaur duets with fellow Monterrey native Sofía Reyes, and Kenia OS supports the LGBTQ+ community. Plus, FUFU makes waves as a nonbinary artist, and Álvaro Díaz releases a Scott Pilgrim-inspired bop.

Tokischa and Eladio Carrión, “Hola”

Tokischa is back with a new single. The Dominican star teamed up with Eladio Carrión in her music video for “Hola.” While known for her dembow bangers, she embraces trap music with the Puerto Rican rapper. Tokischa lyrically cuts Carrión down to size as she discovers he’s been with other women. Their phone call ends with the sound of hanging up as Tokischa no longer has the time to deal with that mess. The music video has a small interlude of dembow music to remind people of the genre where Tokischa reigns supreme. Tokischa was one of our favorite performers at Ceremonia Festival in Mexico City last spring.

Anitta and Chencho Corleone, “Gata”

Anitta is starting the rollout for the deluxe edition of her “Versions of Me” album. The Brazilian superstar released the music video for “Gata” featuring Puerto Rican icon Chencho Corleone. While Corleone doesn’t appear in the fierce visual, Anitta previews her upcoming fragrance brand Puzzy. “The ‘Gata’ video was more for the fans,” she told LATINA. 

Over the next two weeks, she will drop the music videos for “Lobby” featuring Missy Elliott and “El Que Espera” with Maluma. “I love Maluma!” she said. “We’ve been together so many times. I like working with him. It’s like being with someone that you’re just very intimate [with].” Anitta also talked about the Missy collaboration. “Missy was a big surprise!” she added. “She’s like wow! A queen! Such a humble person. I loved it.” As for who she wants to work with next, Anitta said a song with Rosalía would be “incredible” and that Lil Nas X has “a vibe that’s super similar to mine.” 

Kenia OS, “Todo My Love”

A few weeks after collaborating with CNCO on “Plutón,” Kenia OS is back with a new single and music video of her own. “Todo My Love” is a sweet love song with a slight Spanglish twist. OS shows her support for the LGBTQ+ community by featuring same-sex couples as the stars of the super cute clip. She spreads the love far and wide with this feel-good Latin pop bop. OS released her debut album “Cambios De Luna” earlier this year and it broke the record for the most first-day streams on Spotify in Mexico. OS recently was spotted with Mexican pop icon Thalía, so it will be interesting to see what they have been cooking soon.

Ryan Castro, “REGGAETONEA”

Ryan Castro is part of the new wave of reggaeton artists emerging from Medellín. “Representing Medellín in Latin music feels muy chimba, so beautiful,” Castro told LATINA. “[This is] on behalf of all those young people who leave los barrios to work every day with the dream of making it in music. I really feel very happy to be supported by my people.” The Colombian singer is making his debut with his new EP, “REGGAETONEA.” The EP features his hit “Mujeriego” (which he claims is not about him but a friend). 

Castro also teams up with fellow Colombian acts, including Farina in the sexy “Prende y Apaga” and Blessd in the dreamy “Niña De Mis Sueños.” Castro shows off a sultrier side to his artistry with the alluring banger “Amor De Una Noche.” He adds, “The message of the EP is to convey to people that the reggaeton that Ryan Castro is making comes from los barrios de los ghettos, as I say, and from young people who get ahead thanks to music. The essence of this EP is to bring forward el reggaeton de barrio.” His BC Management Presents Ryan Castro Tour returns to the U.S. on August 11 in L.A. 

Paopao, “Diamantes y Espinas”

Puerto Rican singer Paopao is making her debut with her first EP “Diamantes y Espinas.” She’s the first woman to sign with the reggaeton music label RichMusic. Paopao is turning the genre on its head with alternative and grunge influences. There’s an industrial edge to the trap anthem “Como Siempre.” In “Ea Diache,” she teamed up with Puerto Rican R&B singer Dalex for their hot-and-heavy bedroom banger. There’s an alluring touch to their duet with the sleek production. “This project is special because it is personal and one where I tell my story on my terms and in my own words,” Paopao tells LATINA .”I’m excited for fans to see another layer of Paopao and experience what I’m truly capable of doing through music.”

FUFU, “Compl1cado”

FUFU is making waves in Latin trap music as a nonbinary artist. The rising rapper and singer hails from Atlanta, Georgia, while their parents have roots in Mexico and Costa Rica. FUFU describes their style of music as “Trap Awake,” which “awakens consciousness and invites you to explore a higher level of understanding and connection with the planet, humanity, and yourself.” 

That otherworldly sound comes through in their new single “Compl1cado.” Backed by atmospheric trap beats, FUFU raps about getting caught up in a complicated romance. “‘Compl1cado’ is an important track for me,” FUFU told LATINA. “I have reached a point in my life where I feel that before I didn’t take relationships as seriously, and now [I] have a higher level of maturity and experienced that emotional attachment, that codependency. This is one of those songs that asks that person not to throw away that codependency because I would lose myself.”

Álvaro Díaz, “Ramona Flowers”

Álvaro Díaz is continuing to give reggaeton music an alternative edge. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter tackles dreamy synth-pop with his new single “Ramona Flowers.” As the title suggests, the rock-infused love song is inspired by the character from Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. The track was produced by Lara Project, who helped artists like Bad Bunny, Kali Uchis, and Rauw Alejandro find their alternative sounds. Díaz sings about a romance that feels out-of-this-world like the “Scott Pilgrim” story. He continues the storyline of the movie in his music video. “We’re going to keep pushing the genre,” Díaz told LATINA. He described his upcoming album “Sayonara” as a “different vibe” from last year’s “Felicilandia” LP.

Carlos Zaur and Sofía Reyes, “Duele Tanto”

Carlos Zaur is making his debut alongside Mexican pop star Sofía Reyes. He teamed up with Reyes for his new single “Duele Tanto.” This track marks the first time Reyes tackles a bolero, and the result is beautiful. Zaur and Reyes wrote the heartbreaking ballad with 13-time Academy Award nominee Diane Warren and the song’s producer Thom Bridges. Zaur and Reyes both hail from Monterrey, so this stunning duet is a proud moment for their city. “Duele Tanto” previews Zaur’s upcoming debut album. Reyes returned this year with her album “Mal De Amores.” She is currently the female Latin artist with the most videos posted on TikTok this year, thanks to the resurgence of her hit “1, 2, 3” featuring Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto.