New Releases from The Marías, Flores, La Dame Blanche, and More

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Para bailar, anhelar, and all the feels in between. We share our favorite music releases of the week.

The Marías “Un Millón”

A sepia-toned, ‘70s aesthetic? Platform boots and a plush red conversation pit? María Zardoya’s iconic bob and sleek bangs? Check, check, and check. With the release of their new music video for their sultry track “Un Millón,” indie-pop band The Marías has gifted us with a cinematic treat for our weekend. This trancey, retro video will make you want to put on a crop top and go dancing. Possible side effects include seriously contemplating giving yourself a bob and bangs using your kitchen scissors in an homage to Crush of the Week María Zardoya. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Flores “Mayahuel”

Mayahuel” is a stunning, enigmatic music video that comes to us from Mexican American singer/songwriter Flores and director Mariano Renteria Garnica. The video is partly a tribute to the landscape of the borderlands (Flores is from El Paso, TX) and pans over sagebrush, city, and muted blue sky. It also serves as a stunning presentation of portraiture and a study of interpersonal relationships, offering a vivid, kaleidoscopic viewing experience.

Santiago Motorizado “Muchacha de los Ojos Negros”

Santiago Motorizado’s languid, folksy track “Muchacha de los Ojos Negros” is now our mandatory Sunday morning music. Sorry, we don’t make the rules. The Argentine singer, composer, and indie rock artist has a forthcoming album entitled “Canciones Sobre Una Casa, Cuatro Amigos y Un Perro,” and judging by this track, it’ll undoubtedly be a good one. Catch us calling all our friends che after listening to this song a couple times…Is it obvious we studied abroad in Buenos Aires?


La Dame Blanche, “Qué más quieres que te dé”

Call the president: we’re issuing a banger alert. Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, aka La Dame Blanche, is back and better than ever with new single “Qué más quieres que te dé.” Trap drums underscore propulsive rapping from Rodriguez, her voice equal parts plaintive and pissed-off (relatable!). The coolest part about this song is the operatic chant that picks up midway through the track. La Dame Blanche’s very own Greek chorus. It’s the theatrical trap-rant you didn’t know you needed.


Twin Palms Feat. Kat Dahlia & Demarco, “Tranquilo”

Yeah, we’re writing this from a desk, but listening to “Tranquilo,” we’re spiritually in the club. This song is about leaning into apocalyptic hedonism, which is definitely not a long-term solution, but sounds like a fun way to cope with your existential dread in the meantime. Consider this track your signal to go crazy. Enjoy the ride!

Featured Image Courtesy of Flores/Venice Music