Q&A: Illustrator Ambar Velasco Finds Her Muse in The Seine, Cacti, and Her Two Sisters

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Name: Ambar Velasco

Age: 26

Home base: Los Angeles

Tu país: Mexico/US

What’s been your journey to becoming an illustrator?

I’ve drawn since I was little but never considered pursuing it as a career until recently. I got my bachelor’s in Creative Writing, which I wasn’t very passionate about (it turns out I only really like reading). After I graduated, I moved to Paris to explore the art scene and the culture. I quickly realized that pursuing a career in art wasn’t crazy at all, and nothing made me happier than drawing, so I applied to universities all over France. Now I’m a second-year art student in Paris and do commission work on the side.

What’s your muse?

My sisters, cacti, and leaves.

 What makes an illustration pop?

A surprising color palette and good composition.

Favorite spot for inspiration:

The Seine.

What music do you listen to while illustrating?

Whatever’s playing on Casta Diva radio or R&B.

Go-to creative spot (in your apartment, co-working space, school etc):

My apartment is one creative spot, it’s so tiny.

Describe Latine culture in your home base:

Mexican culture is family being everything, cooking for and feeding others, dancing and story-telling.

Go-to visual references:

Runway and works by Cézanne.

What’s next for you?

Once I finish art school, I want to find a spacious studio or maybe begin a residency and paint mural-sized pieces. I think they’ll be a combination of paint and leaves.