Skincare Maestra Andrea Ámez on Self-Love and Beauty Myths

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Melanated Skin Care Godmother/Goddess/Glow-up Maestra Andrea Ámez sat down with Alissa Lopez Serfozo to talk skin, beauty standards, and self-love. Here are 4 takeaways from the eye-opening conversation.

Uno. In our digital age of Facetune and filters, unpacking stigmas in beauty and skincare is an important aspect of mental wellbeing. Andrea recognizes the importance of minimizing shame and instead celebrating our differences. What if we saw every mark and scar as a uniquely beautiful and idiosyncratic story?

Dos. As Andrea embodies, radical self-acceptance triggers a domino effect: those who are authentically themselves encourage others around them to do the same. Our world can be unkind, unfair, and unforgiving, it can also be filled with solidarity, everyday joy, and mutual aid. Andrea reminds us to surround yourself with people who create an environment in which you feel your most confident and loved. 

Tres. On the reciprocal intimacy of touch, Andrea’s work as a licensed esthetician has taught her the vital need for balance. We transfer energy with other humans through touch, sometimes disproportionately taking or giving. Keeping space for yourself is important and can be integrated even while you support others, loved ones, and chosen family.

Cuatro. Andrea is currently working on expanding her online skincare marketplace to further merge wellness, healing, and self care with the first hand knowledge she acquires during in person skincare treatments and services. By allying herself with other Latinx creatives, Andrea brings visibility to the lived experiences of young brown people and helps conduit journeys towards radical self-acceptance. 



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