This Week’s New Music Releases: Becky G, Karol G, Romeo Santos, and More

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  • Illustration by Elise Miguel.

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly round-up of the best new music. This week many of the releases are linked by the theme of moving on from breakups. Inglewood and Colombia collide in Becky G and Karol G’s “Mamiii;” the queens lyrically torch their exes to a crisp. Another star, Goyo, goes solo with her empowering first single outside of Colombian hip-hop group ChocQuibTown, “Na Na Na.” Rounding out the kiss-off tracks is rising Argentine star María Becerra with the heartfelt “Felices x Siempre.” 

In a few of the releases, the artists proudly represent their homelands in their music. Dominican star Natti Natasha teams up with El Alfa and Chimbala for the dembow party anthem “Wow BB.” Chicana rapper Snow Tha Product comes through with the proudly Mexican collaboration “Wassap” featuring Gera MX. Then there’s Romeo Santos’ hotly-anticipated return to music and the latest projects from rising stars like Rauw Alejandro and Danny Ocean. Check out our complete list below. 

Becky G and Karol G, “Mamiii”

The G’s have finally joined forces. Becky G and Karol G teamed up for this month’s knockout collaboration, “Mamiii.” It marks the first song with both women since they featured on Mau y Ricky’s “Mi Mala” remix in 2018. Karol G’s longtime producer Ovy On The Drums supplied them with a reggaeton banger with a cumbia music kick. Becky G and Karol G take turns tearing into exes that have done them wrong. Fans are speculating that Karol G’s part is potentially inspired by her split from Anuel AA. She curiously added audio from her concert where she repeated Anuel AA’s line from their song “Culpables.” In her verse, Karol G references Mexican icon Paquita la del Barrio’s takedown anthem “Rata De Dos Patas.” This week, “Mamiii” impressively debuted at No. 15 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart without a music video. “The G’s together is an exciting moment for everyone, and I’m glad I can share this moment with my friend and someone I truly admire,” Becky G said about the song.

Romeo Santos, “Sus Huellas”

The King of bachata is back! Romeo Santos returned this month with “Sus Huellas.” In this alluring bachata track, the Dominican-American star asks his lover to remove any metaphorical traces of his previous lover from his body. In the Andrew Sandler-directed music video, Santos takes his delicate lyrics literally. The video opens with the shirtless and scarred singer sitting in a bathtub. When he takes home a woman from the club, they get cozy, but she ends up leaving him and adding another scar to his body. “Did ya’ll miss me?” Santos asks in his signature sultry voice. We sure did! “Who’s the king?” he adds. “Dada!” his son Valentino answers cheerfully and makes a cameo appearance in the trailer for Santos’ next album, “Formula, Vol. 3,” which he has promised to release later this year. 

María Becerra, “Felices x Siempre”

María Becerra is back with her first single of 2022. Paying homage to the angelic number 222, the pop sensation known as La Nena de Argentina released “Felices x Siempre” on February 22. The numbers have further significance to Becerra as she was born on February 12, at 2 PM, and this year she turned 22. While Becerra is known for her reggaeton and trap-infused bangers, she slows things down with this pop ballad. In “Felices x Siempre,” she lets her vulnerable side shine as she sings about moving on from a breakup. The song is likely inspired by Becerra’s recent breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Argentine singer Rusherking. The music video also shows a more stripped-back version of María as she packs up her things and moves out of her onscreen boyfriend’s house. In June, Becerra became the first Argentine artist to surpass 27 million monthly listeners on Spotify. She has remained Argentina’s top-streamed act on the platform.

Goyo, “Na Na Na”

After fronting Colombian group ChocQuibTown for over a decade, Gloria “Goyo” Martinez is stepping out solo. This month, the Afro-Colombian singer and rapper released her debut single, “Na Na Na.” Backed by Dominican dembow beats with a tropical glow, Goyo sings about moving on from a relationship that has turned sour. With a resounding “Na,” she tells her ex that things are over. It’s an empowering anthem that’s fit for the Chocó superstar. In the music video, Goyo is stunning as she embodies the strength and resilience of her lyrics. “Na Na Na” is the lead single from Goyo’s debut album “En Letra De Otro” that will be released on March 4. On March 4, Goyo will also star in the HBO special “En Letra De Otro,” where she will perform music from the album.

Natti Natasha, El Alfa, and Chimbala, “Wow BB”

Dominican stars unite in “Wow BB.” Natti Natasha teamed up with El Alfa and Chimbala for this feel-good collaboration. The song blends Dominican dembow with a tropical-pop twist. Natasha gives the song a flirty touch that rounds out El Alfa and Chimbala’s rap edge. The result is a colorful party anthem that celebrates Dominican pride. That party comes to life in the music video, shot by Fernando Lugo in Miami.

At last night’s Premio Lo Nuestro, Natasha performed “Wow BB” for the first time with El Alfa and Chimbala. El Alfa is one of the global leaders of Dominican dembow music. Last October, he became the first artist in the genre to headline Madison Square Garden. Natasha continues to make waves globally in K-Pop with MOMOLAND in their video “Yummy Yummy Love,” another one of her standout releases. 

Snow Tha Product and Gera MX, “Wassap”

Snow Tha Product realizes a collaboration of her dreams with “Wassap.” The Mexican-American rapper teams up with Gera MX, who hails from Monterrey. In the last year, both Snow Tha Product and Gera MX have broken ground as the next generation of Mexican rap stars. Snow Tha Product received a Latin Grammy nomination for “BZRP Music Session #39” with Argentine producer Bizarrap. Gera MX and Christian Nodal became the first artists to chart a regional Mexican song on Billboard’s Hot 100 with their global smash “Botella Tras Botella.” In “Wassap,” Snow Tha Product seamlessly switches between languages with her signature Spanglish flow. Gera MX brings the heat with his fire guest verse. The title is a play on how some Mexican people pronounce Whatsapp. If this collaboration makes you excited for more, their tours are coming up. Snow Tha Product’s Dale Gas Tour kicks off in the U.S. next month, and Gera MX’s Triple 4 Tour follows in May. 

Rauw Alejandro, “Trap Cake, Vol. 2”

In the past year, Rauw Alejandro has become a Latin superstar. The Puerto Rican singer returns to his roots with his new EP “Trap Cake, Vol. 2.” It’s a sequel to 2019’s “Trap Cake,” which made him a darling in the Latin trap game. However, there’s a sweeter side to the recipe with the lead single “Caprichoso,” which he co-wrote with his girlfriend Rosalía. For the original “Trap Cake” fans, Alejandro also brings the sexy back in full force. In the dreamy “Museo,” he lays the love on thick. Additionally, “Red Velvet,” with Jamaican singer Shenseea, is a bedroom banger. Alejandro can still do bad all by himself, like in the electrifying “Gracias Por Nada,” in which he gives trap music a punk edge. Alejandro makes this second serving of “Trap Cake” all the more satisfying. 

Danny Ocean, “@DannOcean” album

Danny Ocean is shaping up to be a Latin pop star. This month, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter released his most sonically diverse album, “@DannOcean.” He’s best known for his breakthrough hit, 2016’s “Me Rehúso,” which surpassed one billion streams on Spotify, the most for any Venezuelan artist. He continues to embrace reggaeton music in his new album and dares to infuse punk angst in “@DannOcean.” The highlight is “???” in which Ocean grieves heartbreak against an electro-pop beat that’s reminiscent of Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical.” He really gets amped up in his pop-punk cover of Caramelos de Cianuro’s “Rubia Sol Morena.” The album also includes stellar collaborations with Argentine pop star TINI in “Tú No Me Conoces” and Dominican star Tokischa in “Dorito & Coca-Cola.” Like the piano-led “Fuera Del Mercado,” even the subtle moments” pack a punch. Ocean’s tide is rising.