This Week’s New Music Releases: Isabela Merced, Anitta, Danna Paola, and More

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  • Illustration by Elise Miguel.

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly round-up of the best new music. Many of this week’s songs are tied together by a feeling of empowerment. Peruvian-American singer Isabela Merced celebrates her roots with Kayfex in “Agonía,” Puerto Rican duo Domino Saints invite everyone to the party with “My Way” and Brazilian singer Anitta embraces her sexuality in “Envolver.”

There are also a few rock ‘n’ roll moments among the releases. Chilean-American artist Francisca Valenzuela fights off Imposter Syndrome in “Hola Impostora” and Mexican pop star Danna Paola goes punk in Moderatto’s RBD cover. Thanks to Colombian group Monsieur Periné, there’s some healing in the mix with their heartfelt ballad “Nada,” and rising Panamanian singer Boza comes through with a new collection of love songs. Check out our complete list below.

Isabela Merced and Kayfex, “Agonía”

Actress and singer Isabela Merced is back with her new single “Agonía.” She teamed up with Peruvian producer Kayfex for the hypnotic collaboration. In Spanish and English, she sings about being more invested in a romance than the person she’s pursuing. Kayfex blended instruments that are indigenous to Peru with a reggaeton twist. The beautiful music video was filmed in Kayfex’s hometown of Ayacucho. Merced was born in Ohio but she’s grown to embrace her roots. “I’ve just claimed that Peruvian side of me very strongly and it’s been amazing to be able to show that in the music industry,” she tells LATINA. Merced revealed that the crew involved in making the video were Peruvian locals, including the llamas that she stands alongside. Merced also put her own twist on Peru’s Danza de las Tijeras. This marks the beginning of Merced being more hands-on with the production of her music. “I’m feeling more confident in myself as an artist and a writer and these projects that are coming up are more of a representation of who I want to be,” she adds. Next up, she will star in the Latine remake of “The Father of the Bride” and Disney’s “Rosaline.”

Domino Saints, “My Way”

Domino Saints released the music video for their fierce dance track “My Way.” The Puerto Rican duo is comprised of real-life couple David Leal and Gigi Ojeda. In Spanish and English, they trade verses about slaying the dance floor with their moves. The song is a fresh mix of house music with a reggaeton edge. “Dance and music are ways for everyone to express themselves,” Gigi tells LATINA. “We wanted to create this song that was all about dancing and, in a way, include everybody.” Among the music video’s cast is Corey, a voguer, and Bailey, a dancer who has Down Syndrome. It’s beautiful representation with World Down Syndrome Day coming up on March 21. “Everybody has their own vibe and everybody has a right to be who they are [and] to enjoy themselves,” David adds about their inclusive message. “My Way” is also a part of the video game “Just Dance 2022.” It follows their breakthrough hit, “Dancefreak,” which became a global smash last year. Both songs will be included on Domino Saints’ “Future Love Games” album that’s due out this spring.

Boza, “Bucle” Album

Panamanian singer-songwriter Boza dropped his second album “Bucle.” It’s his first release since being nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammy Awards last November. His hits like “Hecha Pa’ Mi” and “Ella” have been in heavy rotation with millions of streams. With “Bucle,” Boza hopes to have more music playing “on a loop,” he tells LATINA. Aside from the “Ella” remix, there’s no featured artists on the album. “I like to show who I am in my albums,” he adds. The LP is full of love songs. They range from the sleek and sexy “Tick Tock” to the rock-infused “San Andrés” where Boza lyrically pours his heart out. “The inspiration for my songs comes from what I’m in love with, her,” he says with a smile. “My love songs for las nenas.” With his irresistible blend of R&B and reggaeton music, he’s following in the footsteps of Panamanian superstar Sech. “For me, it’s an honor to be panameño and hopefully los panameños feel proud of what I’m doing,” Boza says. “It’s very satisfying to represent your country’s flag around the world. I’m enjoying it so much.” 

Anitta and Justin Quiles, “Envolver” Remix

Anitta has gone viral on TikTok with her latest single “Envolver.” The Brazilian superstar first released the sensual reggaeton banger back in October. In the song, she sings about taking the lead in the bedroom. “I basically talk about being in control in the relationship,” she said about the track. “I’m commanding the relationship. I feel empowered when I sing songs like that. I feel like we women can take control and I just love that.” After releasing a new remix with Puerto Rican singer Justin Quiles, she brought the dirty dancing of “Envolver” to life during a live performance at Premio Lo Nuestro. On TikTok, Anitta’s fans are now replicating her moves when she grinds down to the floor. In the past week, “Envolver” shot to number four on TikTok’s US Top Tracks chart. It’s the only Spanish-language song in the chart. The song previews Anitta’s hotly-anticipated album “Girl From Rio” that will also include her recent pop hit “Boys Don’t Cry.”

Monsieur Periné, “Nada”

Monsieur Periné is back with their first taste of new music this year. The group that’s led by Catalina García and Santiago Prieto released their new single “Nada.” The Bogotá-based act combines the powerful patter of Afro-Colombian beats with symphonic strings. That sentimental mix adds emotional weight to the real-life heartbreak that García is singing about. “Despite the heartache, it was clear to me that there was no turning back,” she tells LATINA. “It was time to say farewell. Love is like a plant. It can wilt and die, but if you weed out what’s blocking its splendor, it can once again bloom like the spring from within. The strength of love dwells inside of you and loving yourself is the first step.” In the music video for the empowering ballad, García appears to reclaim her happiness while moving on from the relationship. She dances freely in front of a bonfire that’s filled with old mementos. Monsieur Periné’s next album is due this spring.

Francisca Valenzuela, “Hola Impostora”

In honor of Women’s History Month, Francisca Valenzuela released her new single “Hola Impostora.” The Chilean-American singer channels her inner rockera with the song’s psychedelic rock sound. She confronts head-on the Imposter Syndrome that women can face while moving through professional industries. “¡Vete, impostora!” Valenzuela roars. “It is a song I wrote to silence that voice inside of my head that says, ‘You’re not enough!'” she tells LATINA. “As women, sometimes we feel like we need to be perfect at our job, with our loved ones, [and] with society. If not, we are unworthy of love or acceptance. We judge and compare ourselves and it is really hard for ourselves to celebrate our accomplishments and show the world what we are capable of!” Valenzuela celebrates herself and kicks Imposter Syndrome to the curb with this feel-good anthem. The song follows her breathtaking ballad “Como La Flor” that was released last month.

Moderatto and Danna Paola, “Sólo Quédate En Silencio”

Mexican rock group Moderatto is continuing to remake the songs of telenovela band RBD. The guys teamed up with Mexican pop star Danna Paola for their cover “Sólo Quédate En Silencio.” Moderatto ups the punk rock edge of the beloved tune in a sea of electric guitars. The band’s lead singer Jay de la Cueva and Paola sound amazing as duet partners. While in quarantine in 2020, Paola covered “Sólo Quédate En Silencio” in a memorable acoustic performance, so it’s great to hear her tackle the song in the studio with Moderatto. With a renewed interest in RBD thanks to the Netflix “Rebelde” reboot, this dreamy take on the 2000s classic comes right on time. In December, Moderatto collaborated with RBD’s Anahí on a new version of “Nuestro Amor.” Hopefully the band will keep the RBD covers coming with more surprise guests throughout the year.