What is Micellar Water and Should You Add it to Your Beauty Routine?

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New items are popping up every day at mass market stores that feature the ingredient micellar water. If you’re confused as to what it  is and whether you’d benefit from adding these new products into your beauty routine, keep reading!

Dove Dermatologist and Latina beauty expert Dr. Alicia Barba has the scoop on this mysterious new ingredient including who needs it the most. Dove recently released their Anti-Stress Micellar Water Body Wash and Beauty Bar featuring micellar water, that can help battle against the effects of pollution and environmental stressors.

Dr. Barba, what is micellar water and what are it’s benefits?

Micellar water is a solution containing tiny cleansing molecules that gently remove impurities from the skin, often without the need to rinse. The “micelles” are molecules that are both hydrophilic (mix with water) and lipophilic (mix with oil). Basically, the technology traps oil and impurities inside the micelles and gently removes them from the skin. The solution does not over strip, leaving the skin with essential lipids and natural moisturizers. A balance necessary for healthy skin.

Who should dump their old product and make the switch?

If you are always on the run, have sensitive skin, do not wear a lot of skin product (i.e., makeup or sunscreen), and are not acne prone, incorporating a micellar water cleanser is a great option for cleansing the skin. Since most micellar water products do not require rinsing, I would be worried that it is not enough to remove heavy makeup or sunscreen. If you are a heavy product user and are acne prone, you can use micellar technology as a first or second pass.

Can micellar water products be used daily?

Absolutely the cleansers can be used every day, especially when paired with extra moisturizers. I’m excited that Dove introduced a new body cleanser with this innovation, as it’s something we see mostly in facial products vs. body cleansers. The Dove Anti Stress Micellar Water Body Wash and Beauty Bar are formulated with 1/4 moisturizers to replenish nutrients lost during regular cleansing or exfoliation for soft, smooth skin.

How can can products be added to a beauty routine?

Micellar water technology can be used best before a cleanser that one already uses. I would not use it “after” a cleanser that delivers active ingredients, like cleansers that are used to treat rosacea or acne, as you do not want to remove the active ingredients from the skin. But using it as a first pass is always an option if your skin is not too dry or sensitive.