Where To Stay, Eat, and Play On Your Next Trip to Vegas

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  • Atomic Saloon Celebrates 1500 Shows. Photo by Thalia Henao.

A trip to Las Vegas was once ripe with cliches—such as the chapel where drunken lovers get hitched by “Elvis.” However, other experiences are less marred by Vegas’ neon-tinted reputation, like a stay at the iconic Caesars Palace, a gondola ride through The Venetian, or, perhaps, catching a residency by your favorite artist at one of the many theaters Vegas has to offer.

In fact, the attractions in the City of Sin are always evolving. The new interactive atrium, The Sphere was inaugurated by the legendary band U2 this fall. And let’s not forget about the music residencies—Adele at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace and Usher’s headline-making summer residency.

We’re convinced that Vegas is penning its finest chapter yet. With the Superbowl on the horizon and a lineup of 100 plus shows to catch, it’s time to plan your next escapade in the place we consider to be America’s official capital of entertainment. From a brunch buffet fit for royalty to a bustling outdoor​ complex, LATINA has compiled a list of approved destinations to eat, sleep, and play in the actual city that never sleeps.

Where to Stay: A City Within a Resort

From boutique gems like the NoMad to grand resorts like the MGM and Caesars Palace, Vegas has a haven for every taste and budget. Our pick for the ultimate Vegas getaway is Caesars Palace, an expansive oasis right in the heart of the Strip. It’s practically its own city, with over 160 specialty shops and restaurants in The Forum, top-notch entertainment at the Colosseum, and alfresco magic at the Green Fairy Garden. And, of course, there’s a casino for those feeling lucky. This iconic resort, with its regal Roman-inspired architecture, has played a starring role in cinematic history, gracing the silver screen in classics like “The Hangover” and “Rain Man”. Bonus: the hotel just gave 10,000 bedrooms a glamorous makeover.

Caesars Palace Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. Photo courtesy of Caesars Palace.

Palace Tower Executive Suite Bedroom at Caesars Palace. Photo courtesy of Caesars Palace.

Caesars Palace Qua Baths & Spa Roman Baths. Photo courtesy of Caesars Palace.

Where to Play: Showtime Extravaganza

A visit to a Spiegelworld show, a contemporary adult circus, promises an unparalleled evening of entertainment, seamlessly blending audacious spectacle with razor-sharp wit. At the core of this theatrical empire is a troupe of performers whose virtuosity knows no bounds. Take, for instance, the irreverent masterpiece Absinthe. Located inside the Green Fairy Garden, the complex right outside of Caesars, it’s an unapologetically brazen cabaret. With jaw-dropping acts and a ribald sense of humor, it’s a production that leaves audiences simultaneously stunned and in stitches. Meanwhile, at the Atomic Saloon, a raucous Wild West narrative unfolds, featuring acrobatics, comedy, and high-octane energy. Finally, “OPM” catapults spectators into an electrifying and otherworldy nightclub experience, pulsating with beats and choreography sure to make you uncomfortably, comfortable. The Spiegelworld experience is nothing short of a tour de force, a testament to the boundless creativity that defines the Las Vegas entertainment landscape. With shows like these, Spiegelworld asserts itself as the vanguard of live performance, offering an unforgettable evening for seekers of artistry and audacity.

The Gazillionaire, Absinthe, Las Vegas. Credit: Erik Kabik. Photo courtesy of Spiegelworld.

Andromeda, OPM, Las Vegas. Photo by Thalia Henao.

Atomic Saloon Show. Photo courtesy of Spiegelworld.

Where to Eat: Indulgence at Every Turn

If you’re looking for a home away from home, CHICA is a culinary gem delivering a spirited fusion of Latin flavors that transport diners to the heart of Latin America. Led by the visionary Venezuelan-born chef Lorena Garcia, CHICA is a tribute to her passion for celebrating the rich tapestry of Latin cuisine. As a Latin-owned establishment, it exudes an authenticity that resonates through every dish. From the fiery spices of Mexico to the succulent flavors of Peru, CHICA’s menu is a love letter to Latin culinary traditions. Guests are urged to indulge in the boldness of ceviches, savor the warmth of arepas, and relish the decadence of churrasco. With each delectable bite, Chica invites diners on a transcendent journey, celebrating Latin culture through tantalizing flavors in the heart of Sin City.

CHICA’s Baby Back Ribs Al Pastor. Photo courtesy of CHICA.

But if after a night on the Strip, the last thing you want is to trek to breakfast, the Bacchanal Brunch Buffet, nestled within Caesars Palace, is a gastronomic symphony that elevates the art of brunching to unprecedented heights. Considered to be the largest buffet in Las Vegas, the spread is a sensory extravaganza, boasting an array of global delicacies meticulously curated to cater to the most discerning palates. From exquisitely prepared omelets and classic Mexican chilaquiles to shrimp and grits and warm dumplings—every dish is a testament to the global culinary mastery on display. The ambiance, equally sumptuous, exudes an air of timeless elegance, making each visit a celebration of taste and refinement.

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace. Photo courtesy of Caesars Palace.

For those in search of a more relaxed atmosphere, the Green Fairy Garden at Caesars Palace offers a haven of unpretentious charm. Here, one can indulge in an exquisite experience with a burger at No Pants, a spot perfect for a quick, but scrumptious bite. Crafted with two short rib-blend patties, grilled onions, American cheese, and a tantalizing secret sauce, it’s sure to compete for top spot with your favorite burgers. Located within the serene outdoor complex, guests can relax in the glow of Las Vegas lights—a moment of respite, both pre and post-the enthralling Absinthe show at Spiegelworld.

No Pants burger and tots. Photo courtesy of Spiegelworld.