Q&A: Yari Blanco on Authenticity and Resilience in the Workplace

LAS MUJERES DOIN' THE WORKBy 2022-04-11T14:24:27-04:00October 20th, 2021|

Name: Yari Blanco

Age: 35

Homebase: Los Angeles and NYC

Tu país: Dominican Republic

Describe your professional role(s): 

Head of Multicultural Partnerships at Twitter

What’s been your journey to your current profession? 

Many ups, some downs but mostly a lot of moments full of gratitude because I’m always prepared when new opportunities arise.

What advice would you tell your younger self as she embarks on her professional career?

Continue to follow your intuition. It will never steer you wrong.

What did you used to believe that you now see was completely misguided? 

Early in my career, I was worried that any executive or powerful person could make or break my career at any moment. And that is not the case. I am (and so are you) the captain of the ship. I can’t control the waves and the weather, but I can control how I navigate them. I have power over my own path.

Who are people you connected with in your journey that empowered you in your career? How did they empower you?

[I was empowered] by the individuals that allowed me to take on projects and have full ownership of them. They were not scared to let me try and come back with [new experience and knowledge]. There is something powerful about having agency over your vision.

What’s your go-to music genre, playlist, or song(s)?

I have a playlist called “Getting Ready” which I am always updating. Right now it [includes] J Balvin’s “Brillo”, Doja Cat’s “Woman,” “No me conoce” remix, and Wizkid’s “Essence.”

What does Latine culture mean to you on your home turf?

It allows [members] the community to show up as our most authentic selves and not judge based on appearance, musical interest, and language barriers. We all bring a different flavor to the dinner table and I fully embrace that.

What’s next for you?

Planning for 2022. Who do I want to collaborate with? Who do I want to mentor? And honestly, continuing to prioritize my joy and health above all else. 


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