Your Latin American World Cup Guide — All the Games to Watch

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The 2022 FIFA World Cup is underway, and teams from around the world are fighting for a chance at the final match.

The 2018 finals saw France face off against Croatia, an underdog team who had the entire globe cheering them on in the hopes that France wouldn’t take home a second World Cup trophy.

France ultimately did win the tournament, but the world is ready for another underdog to make their way to the top two. Based on the results of 2022’s first game — where Ecuador stole the win from the Cup’s 2022 host, Qatar, with a 2-0 victory — the rising stars might just come out of Latin America.

At least one Latin American team will be playing from November 22 through December 2, at which point the top 16 teams will proceed to the quarterfinals. So far, Argentina has lost to Saudi Arabia, in one of the most shocking results of the tournament so far — Saudi Arabia even declared Wednesday a national holiday in celebration of their victory. Mexico tied with Poland and Costa Rica lost to Spain, one of the world cup heavyweights.

As many weigh in with their predictions on the Cup, some of the most highly-regarded soccer experts at Fox Sports think a Latin American team could take home the trophy — it has, after all, been twenty years since the last time a non-European country took home the trophy (Brazil’s 2002 win over Germany). Despite their recent stun, Argentina, who hasn’t won a World Cup since 1966, still seems to be a formidable contender, with five of Fox’s soccer analysts predicting they’ll be the ones to take the win. Other experts are putting their money on Brazil, the country with the most World Cup wins in history.

Because of the Latin American presence in this year’s tournament, we wanted to make a Latino’s Guide to the 2022 World Cup to ensure that you don’t miss any important games.

There are many places to stream the tournament, including fuboTV (free trial or subscription), Fox Sports, and Telemundo.

All times are EST.

Thursday – November 24

  • Uruguay vs. Korea Republic – 8:00 AM
  • Brazil vs. Serbia – 2:00 PM

Friday – November 25

  • Netherlands vs. Ecuador – 11:00 AM

Saturday – November 26

  • Argentina vs. Mexico – 2:00 PM

Sunday – November 27

  • Japan vs. Costa Rica – 5:00 AM

Monday – November 28

  • Brazil vs. Switzerland – 11:00 AM
  • Portugal vs. Uruguay – 2:00 PM

Tuesday – November 29

  • Ecuador vs. Senegal – 10:00 AM

Wednesday – November 30

  • Poland vs. Argentina – 2:00 PM
  • Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico – 2:00 PM

Thursday – December 1

  • Costa Rica vs. Germany – 2:00 PM

Friday – December 2

  • Ghana vs. Uruguay – 10:00 AM
  • Cameroon vs. Brazil – 2:00 PM

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