Author Gaby Herstik Wants to Help Unleash Your 'Inner Witch'

Photo Courtesy of Gabriela Rosales

If you've ever wanted to learn more about witches and magic, author Gaby Herstik has just released the perfect book for you. In "Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft," the Mexican-jew invites novice witches--- and those curioius about witchcraft--- into her world. 

The eight chapter book covers a variety of topics under the introduction titled "Bitchin' Witchin' Basics" including energy, the tarot, fashion magick, the moon, crystals, and astrology. With this book being the introduction, we're hoping she has many more titles to release after this one!

Herstik chatted with about her newest title as well as what it means to be a modern witch and so much more.Her book is currently for sale at all your favorite retailers in English and will be released in Spanish next week.

People must wonder what it means to be a witch in 2018. Please explain...

A witch is many things, but I would describe her as someone who’s living in tune with the cycles of the earth, the cosmos and herself. The witch is someone who works with the seen as well as the unseen, who uses magick (which I describe as action + energy + intention) to shift the world around her on a physical and energetic level.

The witch works alongside of the earth, as an agent of karma, working as a microcosm to the macrocosm of the universe. The witch is a catalyst, someone who abides by her own rules, who knows there’s more to this life than meets the eye. The witch has always lived and will always live.

Photo: Alexandra Herstik

Congrats on the new book! Tell me all about it.

Thank you so much! There’s plenty of information and magick in this babe. I talk about the archetype of the witch, her legacy and the holidays of the witch. I include a ritual for each holiday as well as other information.

I have a chapter on energy work, the chakras, the subtle body and the aura. There’s a chapter on tarot, including card descriptions, spreads and a ritual. There’s a chapter on fashion magick, where I talk about finding a style archetype, how to use sigils (or charged symbols) to protect your clothes, a clothing blessing and a bit about my own story with this.

There’s a chapter on moon magick, how to work with each phase of the moon (including spells for each), how to start working with goddesses of the moon, and more. There’s a chapter on earth magick, working with different herbs and working with different faeries. A chapter on crystals and astrology, and a grimoire section that helps you learn how to create your own spells and rituals, information on candle magick, sex magick and more.

I packed a lot of information into this book!

Do you have to be a witch to enjoy this book?

You just have to be curious about witchcraft. I think that anyone who is drawn to this craft already has the seeds, they just need to be watered.

Witchcraft is more than just a cool thing you do, it’s something that thousands have died for, even if they weren’t actually witches! There’s a responsibility that comes with this, and being aware of this and really having an earnest wanting to know more is more than enough to read my book!

If you’re drawn to earth based spiritual practices, or empowerment, or crystals, astrology,whatever; that’s enough too.

What are some misconceptions about witches that you'd love to dispel?

That we all look a certain way, all practice a certain way and all call ourselves “black or white” witches (which I don’t like or vibe with!). I think in the witchcraft community there’s an idea that your practice has to look a certain way to be valid which I don’t like.

In the mainstream, probably that witches are all white hippies who are burning sage and happy doing their thing. Witchcraft isn’t just white; black women, latinx women, indigenous peoples, POC, queer folx- these are all people at the forefront of witchcraft, who have to use all the tools, energetic and otherwise, to find justice and respect.

I think mainstream media also loves to color the witch as evil, or a baby killer, or totally out there and wooowoo. Also as Satanists, which is a super misunderstood religion in itself that’s not actually evil but worships the Self.

I love to gift bookswho should I buy this for?

I think anyone who is drawn to the archetype of the witch, crystals, astrology, magick and glamour should buy my book! If you’re drawn to witchcraft but don’t know where to start, I wrote this for you!

My goal is to introduce everyone into this world by giving them tools and practices that will help empower them, and help them create their own brand of magick. This book is for anyone who feels called to it; I think it will end up in the hands of whoever needs it.