How Eyebrows Have Changed Throughout The Years

For centuries, women have obsessed shape of their brows. In fact, recent studies have shown that brows are, scientifically speaking, one of the most important facial features, so it makes sense that we're always looking for new ways to define them. In the last century alone, there have been a ton of brow fads. Take a look at how eyebrows have transformed over the years: 

1. 1920s: Pencil Thin Brows

Women in The Roaring '20s were known for their daring and trendsetting looks. Famous stars like Joan Crawford rocked paper-thin drawn-on eyebrows for added drama.


2. 1930s: Dramatic Arched Brows

Although brows remained fairly thin during the 1930s, women began to embrace higher arches. Greta Garbo was one of many stars who rocked this new exaggerated look. 

3. 1940s: Soft Natural Brows

Although women still embraced the brow arch, in the 1940s, they began to embrace into a more natural look. During this time, brows were styled more lightly to create a fuller and more realistic appearance, like those on Grace Kelly.


4. 1950s: Statement Brows

Who could forget the statement brows of the 1950s? This era was known for major stars like Rita Moreno and Rita Hayworth, who rocked daring, bold brows to match their larger than life personas.


5. 1960s: Innovative Brows

Women in the '60s certainly pushed the envelope when it came to creative beauty trends. Women were all about innovative looks and brows; Sophia Loren notoriously shaved off her eyebrows, and penciled them in with a unique stroke technique, designed to make them look as natural as possible.


6. 1970s: Full Brows

During the peace-and-love era, women embraced their natural beauty and natural brows. Stars from the 70s, like Lauren Hutton, made it be cool to stay away from the tweezers and let your brows run wild and free. 

7. 1980s: Busy Brows

The 1980s were all about drastic looks, big hair and even bigger brows. Bushy brows were all you needed to pull together your rocking '80s look. Brooke Shields certainly knew how to work this beauty trend.

8. 1990s: Barely There Brows

As the '80s came to an end, women said 'bye-bye' to their wild brows, and tamed those bad boys down. The thinner your brows were, the better, and celebs like Gloria Estefan surely made this known. 

9. 2000: Thin-to-Thick Brows

Since Y2K, we've seen many brow trends come and go. This era was all about experimentation — as we saw with celebs like Christina Aguilera, who started out this era with super thin brows, and later switched to a fuller look at the end of the decade. 

10. Today: Feathered Brows

The latest eyebrow trend making its way from the runway to the streets has been the feathered look. This particular style gives your brows a fluffy yet shaped look, taking your natural brows to another level. This look can be seen on the hottest models like boricua Joan Smalls.