'Love & Hip Hop Miami' Star Amara La Negra Just Proved She Can Rock Any Hairstyle

One thing is for sure, Amara La Negra is representing Afro-Latinas through her music, fashion, and now beauty. The 'Love & Hip Hop' breakout star continues to explain her culture, skin tone, hair texture and more due to the underrepresentation of AfroLatinxs in Hollywood. 

Good news is the vibrant Dominicana isn't afraid to take risks when it comes to switching up her hairstyles and alluring beauty looks. That's why we've rounded a few different hair-do the singer has beautfully rocked before. 

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1. Sleek & Straight

The Miami-born star can rock a blonde bob and we're here for it! 

2. Natural & Free

After DJ Hollywood tried to disrespect the young star and her natural afro, the 27-year-old singer handled it by speak out on the subject. Natural hair is beautiful, elegant, and there's surely a place for in Hollywood. 

3. Braided & Bold

Nothing says beautiful like these Fulani braids! These braids last up to three to four weeks depending on hair growth. 

4. Long & Chic'

Let's take a moment to acknowledge this slay-age! La Negra posted this flashback photo and fan couldn't help but talk about her long shiny mane. 

5. Red & Rebellious

Yasss to this red banged bob cut! The Dominican singer is confident AF and we're here for it! 

6. Wrap & Real

Inspired by the Eastern and African culture, the Miami born singer wrapped a gorgeous scarf around her hair and adding tribal jewelry.