Frost Yourself! Winter's Biggest Hair Trend is One You Need to Try Right Now

How to Achieve The Winter White Frost Beauty Trend
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Chicas, this season you need to frost yourself! The biggest winter hair trend is a near-white blonde look that we're totally obsessing over.

Our Social Media Editor here at Latina, Belkis Calvo, recently took the plunge. We ventured to the Upper West Side of the New York City to The House of Dolls by Henry for the sought-after hair colourist Henry. He is responsible for the many platinum bombshells you've probably seen on Instagram and beyond.

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Thinking of testing a winter white look? We are going to guide you through it. Before going blonde, hairstylists advise their clients to think of the longer term results.

Here's what our social media editor had to say about frosting up her look. Plus, see her before and after photos below:

How long did the process take more or less?

Six hours, but it didn’t feel as long. House of Dolls by Henry made the experience amazing! They offered drinks, and of course, hookah.

Any sign of hair breakage, damage, falling out of hair?

No, Henry used an amazing Dominican bleach that contains ani (nut teas). It smelled like my abuelita was making some tea.

How best would you describe your hair: curly, thin, frizzy etc.?

My hair is very thin and through the years it has become even thinner because of the blonde. But I can honestly say I have not gotten any breakage since I saw Henry.

Any interesting facts you heard from Henry about this process?

Yes. Since my scalp has always been sensitive, I mentioned this to him to take into account before working on my hair. He did something I've never seen or heard before — he added milk to calm my hair. "Milk is good for hair repairing; it nourishes, strengthens and softens hair. Many people have seen benefits from adding milk to their bleaching routine," Henry said.

I remember Henry calmed my scalp from the bleach. My scalp has always been sensitive and I could feel it burning but as a woman you learn to understand that beauty is pain, but henry had a secret! He applied milk to my scalp and left it in with a conditioning treatment for 25 minutes. It made everything so much better — I couldn’t even feel the processing.