7 Hairstyles to Try This Holiday Season From Your Fave Celebs

Everybody seems to focus on holiday makeup and fashion while ignoring one major part of any look: the hair! No matter how much time you spend on your contour or how much money you spend on a new dress for the occasion all of that effort can go unnoticied if your hair isn't up to par. Here are some of our favorite celebrities you should be taking notes from on how to style your hair for the holidays and add that extra wow factor to any look.

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1. Sleek on Fleek

Instagram.com/ @sheisdash

Orange is the new black and sleek might be the new sexy! Here, the OITNB star stunts in a slick, middle part and a long bob. 

2. Beanie Babe

Instagram.com/ @jlo

For a more casual outing this holiday season, whether it's late night shopping on Black Friday or picking out a Christmas tree, step out of your comfort zone and rock a beanie. Here, J. Lo leaves her hair in natural waves and adds a beanie that serves a duel purpose: warm and style!

3. Not Your Basic Bun

Instagram.com/ @hereisgina

If you're usually the one to take fashion risks in your family, the holidays is no time to be tame. If you're feeling especially edgy, try a new look like Gina's double bun. This twist to a traditional up-do keeps hair out of the way as to not distract from your outfit, without being too basic.

4. Long and Lush

Instagram.com/ @lala
You know what they say - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" So if you typically style your long locks in subtle waves like LaLa, don't feel like you have to do a wild style for the holidays. Wearing your hair as you usually do may allow you to feel more comfortable trying out a daring fashion look instead.

5. Simple Side Pony

Instagram.com/ @selenagomez
SelGo's side pony makes for the perfect hair style for just about any look. This can be done with a casual look or a more formal one if you have a day long holiday event to attend. It also keeps your hair out of your face to show off your makeup (and not get in the way of all the delicious food you'll be eating at the holiday table!)

6. Impressive Updo

Instagram.com/ @laurenjauregui
For a more formal holiday occasion, try this dramatic updo. Lauren Jauregui stunts with her half up do and it shows off her face, too. With a look like this all of those tias you haven't seen in years can easily pinch your cheeks and you can bring your entire look together.

7. Beautiful Bangs

Instagram.com/ @camillabelle
If your looking for a more permanent hair change, don't be afraid to try full bangs across your forehead. It's intimidating at first because the last time you had them you were probably not old enough to stay up past 11 pm on Christmas Eve, but when done correctly this look can change the game. If you don't want to commit, try out a DIY on how to fake full bangs for a night so you can try them out before doing the chop!