Here's How the Internet Reacted to POPSUGAR's Natural Hair Advertisement

Diggy Lloyd/Popsugar

For years, women of color have transformed their hair texture to reflect society's idea of beauty. From phrases like "pelo malo" to being forced to perm, relax and straighten hair, the struggle has been very real and it's given rise to a powerful natural hair movement. Its message, however, was recently lost in translation. 

In June, POPSUGAR partnered with the hair brand OGX to produce a sponsored article titled “These 3 Women Are Making a Serious Case For Rocking Your Natural Hair,” except it didn't feature any women of color. The piece showcased three different white women wearing their hair "natural." As can be imagined, the campaign caused a controversial reaction for many, since it did not reflect the true meaning of going natural.

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Leaving the chemicals behind to go natural has been a beautiful and booming movement, which is why this campaign triggered women to speak out on Twitter. Wearing their hair natural is deeper than beauty, it's a way of reclaiming something they've been told is inferior and practicing self-love. Below are tweets of women protecting and expressing their thoughts on the article.