This Pin Is Empowering Women To Love Their Melanin Skin


The beauty of dark-skinned women in the cosmetic industry has been undermined for centuries. Beauty brands claim to have an array of foundations and hues to cater to the darker shades but have failed us time and time again.

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Luckily, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line opened up a new world and excitement for women to embrace their melanin. With over 40 shades that match olive, honey, and expresso --- the Caribbean artist showed the market a new range of shades for darker skin complexions. 

While it is important to get the point across—diverse skin tones are absolutely necessary for beauty and pins to make sure everyone is represented. Coloring Pins, a pin and accessories brand, created a fashion add-on to show support for deeper skin tones with its foundation bottle like design with a white logo labeled "melanin". Along with the foundation bottles pins, the company produced a "Melatone Beauty" pin to embrace every shade of brown and it's beauty. While the packaging alone calls out brands with the tag "Wrong Shades," its stylish designs are the perfect accessory to add to show off your melanin pride. 


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Essence Hayes, Owner of EssenceMurjani Jewelry revealed she wanted to create a pin which represented who she was as a woman."Coloring Pins was birthed from my wanting to wear pins, but not seeing any for me on the market. There are tons of cute pins, but none of them resonated with me or made me feel like I had to have them. I wanted a pin that was an extension of me, and I wanted to be able to walk with a pin that spoke before I did," expressed the artist. Send a message to the beauty industry by rocking these pins on beauty diversity.