9 Latin American Beauty Products You Can Totally Get in the U.S.

We are all familiar with K-Beauty which as been booming on the internet, but Latinos have been cooking up some beauty must-haves for quite some time ourselves. From Mexico to Dominican Republic, we've rounded up the best Latin American beauty buys that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous — and you can totally snag them right here in the U.S.

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1. Cleanser

This soap-free cleanser was created in Spain is ready to change the beauty industry. It tackles daily build-up while refining your pores and helping you maintain a natural glow. The formula contains a marine ingredient of hyaluronic acid that leaves the skin hydrated and plumped with long-lasting results.

A Complete Youth Preserve Deep Cleanser, $28, store.acomplete.com

2. Facial Mask

Add this 100% vegan cult-craze facial mask to your skincare routine. The Brazilian brand revitalizes, moisturizes, and is full of rich antioxidants for all skin types. 

Amazonia Preciosa Facial Mask with Clay, $35, suryabrasilproducts.com

3. Bronzer

Looking for a new beauty product to help you glow? Try this quick-absorbing and non-greasy gel bronzer from Argentina — perfect for enhancing one's natural complexion.

Rayito de Sol Bronzage, $40, amazon.com

4. Shampoo & Conditioner

Acai berries are a must-have for hair growth. In Latin America, this super food is known to be a beauty berry. The Brazilian brand uses a mixture of amino acids along with omega 3, 6 and 9, which help thicken your locks.

Acai Oil Shampoo & Conditioner, $20 and $22, cadiveuamerica.com

5. Hair Treatment

Whether you are going natural, getting rid of dandruff or treating colored hair, this kit will leave your strands shiny and new. The Ecuadorian beauty company combined three main ingredients which will help reboot your hair. Sacha inchi restores moisture balance, buriti protects against breakage, and rahua-ungurahua nourishes the scalp. 

Rahua Detox & Renewal Treatment Kit, $98, rahua.com

6. Deep Conditioner

Hair treatments are the holy grail to haircare and this beauty buy is completely abuela-approved on all levels! From fruits, plants and vegetables, the brand was inspired by the tropics of the Dominican Republic. It provides all natural vitamins to restore dry, damaged, color-treated, processed strands. 

Dominican Magic Deep Fortifying Conditioner, $20, dominicanmagic.com

7. Hair Wax

Style your next braid or updo with this Honduran hair product. This wax is a creamy blend of ojon oil, avocado oil and natural botanicals, that help restore heavily damaged and over-processed hair. 

T'ZIKAL BEAUTY Smooth Styling Hair Wax, $24, tzikal.com

8. Body Lotion

Enjoy this Argentinan lotion that smoothes your skin, while adding antioxidant-rich vitamins A and E. These vitamins promote skin cell growth and anti-aging benefits.  

Pampas Sunrise Body Lotion 12 FL.oz., $24, ayresbeauty.com 

9. Body Mist

Another Brazilian beauty secret is to always smell fabulous from day to night. Try this island-inspired body fragrance mist bursting with a pistachio and salted caramel scent. 

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist, $32, sephora.com