Oily Skin Fix

Not like we need to add another step in our beauty routines, ladies, but take a minute to hear the case for face masks. Think of them as you would a deep conditioner for your hair: No, they’re not absolutely necessary, but boy, do they make a world of difference!

With a face mask, ingredients are allowed a certain amount of time to penetrate into skin, delivering benefits you might not get from a daily cleanser, toner or moisturizer. Used weekly they can be game changers for those with oily skin. With ingredients like clay, they help suck out impurities from pores and eliminate excess oils.

Here, we want to shine a spotlight on Lush Mask of Magnaminty ($20, lushusa.com), which contains cleansing clay, plus peppermint to leave the skin feeling tingly and fresh. It has the texture of gritty mud (thanks to ground aduki beans), and dries within 10 minutes. It also leaves your skin that cliché fask-mask shade of green, so make sure the kiddies are asleep before they see and mistake you for the Wicked Witch of the West.