Becky G: "3 Things I Haven't Done Yet, But Want To!"

Hola, Beasters! I've done quite a lot in my few years, but I still have a ton more I want to do in the coming weeks, months and years! Here are my top three things I haven't done yet (but want to!):

1. I want to go on tour! I think it’s really important for an artist to do that. I’m really excited to be going on tour starting in February with Austin Mahone.

2. Meet Beyonce: She works so hard and that motivates me. There are days I’m feeling lazy and my mom will remind me “Beyonce also only has 24 hours during the day.” That always keeps me going.

3. Finally, I would love to go bungee jumping just for the thrill of it.

Tell me: What are some things you haven't done but want to accomplish? I'd love to know! Until next time, abrazos!