Something You Never Thought Would Happen: Victoria Justice & Claudia Leitte Perform at the Same Concert

Yep, it happened at the Zumba Fitness Concert! Singers Victoria Justice, Brazilian icon Claudia Leitte & Sean Paul all came together tonight, August 15, 2013, to support and headline the dance participation concert in Orlando, FL. The Zumba Fitness Concert, part of the Zumba Convention, was performed in front of 8,000 people and live-streamed all over the world on And just like a Zumba class, the energy was high and the music was pumping. Literally, I don't think I'll be able to hear for weeks (and I'm totally okay with it!).

Before the show, Zumba creator Beto Perez told the room of journalists a story about how he coached Shakira through her decision to dance barefoot on stage and then gave his thought for the next trend in music: fusion. Beto believes that since we live in a world that's so connected, fusion is music's next logical step. (And if you think about it, this guy's onto something…just look at the success of Gangnam Style last year).

While Victoria Justice & Sean Paul rocked the house in their own right, it was Claudia Leitte everyone at the concert could not take their eyes off of! Could the stunningly gorgeous Leitte (who hosts Brazil's version of "The Voice") be that fusion that Beto thinks we need? She may very well be on her way to becoming the next crossover hit from Latin America, a la Shakira & Ricky Martin. She's got the look, the moves, and the personality. All she needs now is the right song and I could easily see her heating up the US music charts in the next couple years.

Do you agree with Beto about fusion? Ever taken a Zumba class? Have a favorite Claudia Leitte track you want to share? Take it to the comments.