Date Night

Dates with my husband, the out-of-the-house-dinner-at-a-restaurant-variety, are few and far between these days.  But it's not that kind of dating I'm talking about. When we got pregnant with our second daughter, I read everywhere how important it is to make time for each of your children individually, essentially to go on dates with each of your kids.  I thought it was the sweetest idea and I filed it away for the future.

Just as it's hard to find time to date my husband, I find it hard to date my girlies. The closest I've gotten to a date is stealing away an hour or so to run errands; the grocery store, post office- you know exciting stuff.  So maybe that counts but a date shouldn't be filled with errands; it should be fun and all about enjoying the company.  As we near the one year mark as a family of four, I'm starting to realize we could really be missing out on the joys of dating. 

My husband and I catch glimpses here and there of how much fun it is to spend time individually with each of our girls. You notice things about them you hadn't noticed before. You're a little more relaxed, laugh a little louder. It's easier to be silly and fun when you've only got one kid.  So here's the equation: two eager kids plus two time crunched parents equals the need for four carefree dates a month--no easy task but well worth it. We didn't have to do anything special when we had an only child; every outing was essentially a date.  Now, though, it requires effort. But the impact it has on our relationship with our daughters is priceless. 

Do you take your kids on special one on one dates?  How else do you find time to make each of your children feel special?