Meet Our Newest Modern Latina Bride: Carolyng Gomes!

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been one step ahead. When Mami brought out breakfast I would ask what was for lunch. When I was in high school I was thinking about law school, and when I was going off to college my thoughts were on having my own family and being successful, without paying too much attention to who was going to help me build that future. Little did I know that wonderful, generous, kind and amazing looking man was closer than I thought: literally across the hall.

Lee and my story began many, many years ago on move-in day. My parents were helping me move into my dorm room, which of course my mother had to disinfect from top to bottom with Lysol while listening to Juan Luis Guerra, and the halls were bustling with parents and students doing the same (of course, they didn’t have such amazing music on!).

A few hours went by and my parents started settling in for the night. My mom went out for a few minutes and when she came back she handed me a sticky note. I almost threw it out thinking it was more trash when she urged me to read it. It said “Hey. You are really cute. Want to hang out sometime? Lee (109)” I laughed it off and said no way, but my mom was beaming. She said that he was cute, she had spoken to his parents who were really sweet and we could check out campus together. She said, “You never know...” 

Once my parents left, I met up with my friends from orientation and told them about the creepy guy across the hall. About a week later they were waiting for me in my room and who do you think was standing in the middle of them? The creeper! I told him to go and my friends rallied for him. They told me that after speaking with him for half an hour (I am notoriously always late - Latin genes?) they realized he was beyond enamored with me and that I would regret not giving him a chance. 

Reluctantly I did. One night I knocked on his door, wrapped up tight like a burrito in an orange blanket and we sat and talked for a while about where we were from and what we liked to do. One night led to another, and a while became hours and hours talking about our childhoods, our successes, our failures, our hopes, our dreams, our wants, our needs, and soon enough we found that we had found the perfect partner in each other.

Fast forward seven years and we are living together in D.C., have a lovely pup Napoleon, are happily engaged and planning a wedding! Follow me a week at a time on my journey from today to my wedding day, where I will share stories on all of the ups and downs of planning a wedding, and trust me there will be a lot of those. Against my family’s wishes I will not be getting married in a church, I won’t be wearing a princess ball gown and I will most certainly be wearing orange pumps. Did I mention this bicultural event is between Mami, Papi and my fiancé's parents from North Carolina? How will I go from engaged to wedded bliss? I have no idea!

What I do know is that I will be sharing it all with you! From choosing a dress, seeing venues with Lee, meeting with wedding planners, navigating through the Latin drama and all of the DIY projects in between, I am taking you along for the ride. Come along with me on my journey from engaged to happily honeymooning without skipping a beat. 

How did your love story being? Sound off below and follow me on this crazy adventure! Until next week!