Raq-C’s World: 5 Simple Ways to Save Money

Thank you for joining me another week to read my blog, “RAQ-C’s World,” where I share with you all my tips on how to be a fabulous modern day Latina from the inside out. I like to touch on everything from relationships to hot topics, fashion, health, spirituality, career and anything in between.

This week, I am going to write about a few things we can all do to save money.

A very business savvy woman by the name of Nely Galan, Latina entrepreneur & television executive, once told me “buy property - don’t buy dresses or shoes.” I’m sure she didn’t mean it literally, but there is a certain truth to her words, which is why she has become a boss in her industry. An important part about being fabulous is knowing how and when to spend your hard earned money. Be smart with your finances. Save money when you can and invest your money wisely.

I’ve always been the kind of girl who packed her own lunch to school and I still do it to this day! I pack lunch to the radio station; there is no shame in my game. I eat healthy, to my taste, and I save money.

Here are a few things you can do to save money:

Wash your own car: On a sunny day, make sure to break out the daisy dukes and wash your own car. This will save you at least 25 dollars and you can detail your car the way you like it.

Pack your own lunch: Do what I do - go grocery shopping on the weekend and plan out your daily meals for the week ahead. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also feed your body the proper nutrition it needs. An added bonus to packing your own lunch is that you’ll also drop a few pounds without even trying to. It’s a win-win situation.

Make your own coffee or tea: Do this and eliminate those unnecessary Starbucks runs. There’s nothing like your house smelling like fresh made cafecito. I like to add canela (cinnamon) to my cafecito while it brews.

Always carry snacks with you: There is nothing worse than feeling so hungry and having nothing to eat; always carry emergency snacks in your purse or car. Protein bars, fresh fruit, or raw almonds are great healthy snacks. Not only will it save you some bucks, but it will also keep your energy levels sustained throughout the day. Allowing your body to go into starvation mode is never good - you can actually gain weight that way.

Shop name brands for cheap: I love finding a bargain when I shop. Don’t get me wrong: if you have the money to drop at name brand stores then by all means, shop away. I like to recommend stores like Ross, Marshalls or TJ Maxx because they carry name brand clothing at a cheaper price.

Remember, part of being fabulous is knowing how and when to spend your money. Be smart when it comes to your personal finances and keep in mind what Nely says, “buy property - don't buy dresses and shoes."

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Hasta pronto!