16 Adorable Snapshots of Gisele and Her Family!

Gisele may be a world-famous supermodel and spokeswoman, but the Brazilian beauty takes one job more seriously than all the others: being a mamá.

The 33-year-old is the mother to Vivian and Benjamin Brady, and the stepmom to Jack, her husband Tom Brady’s child from a previous relationship. The proud mother loves to spend time with her three beautiful children -- and loves sharing those precious moments with her fans! Just this past weekend, her and her family took to the chilly streets of Boston for a crazy snowball fight! 

We’ve compiled the sweetest, more adorable moments between Gisele and her familia

1. Perfect Sunday

Perfect Sunday

Gisele shared this picture of her and the family chilling on a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

2. Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Vivian and Benjamin created a home for their toy cars out of a recycled box. Gisele posted the pic with the hashtags “#reducereuserecyle #fun.”

3. Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Gisele shared a heartwarming snapshot of her doing yoga with her daughter, Vivian. 

4. Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Gisele may not be American -- but she still has plenty to celebrate on Thanksgiving Day! She posted this picture of her and her family interlocking hands with the caption: “Happy Thanksgiving! Sending much love and light to all!”

5. Beach Bums

Beach Bums

Vivian and her famous mamá relaxed on the beach during a family holiday.

6. Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Tom Brady posed with his two ladies on a gorgeous beach during a family holiday. 

7. Tom's Biggest Fans

Tom’s Biggest Fans

Lil’ Benjamin Brady supported his Daddy during a Patriots game this fall! Go Pats! 

8. Bom Dia!

Bom dia!

Gisele gets ready for hectic work days by taking a minute to meditate with her daughter.

9. Mommy's Little Helper

Mommy’s Little Helper

“Helping mommy pack,” Gisele captioned this precious shot.

10. Horsing Around

Horsing Around

“Having the best time with my little man,” Gisele said about this picture of her and Benjamin horseback riding on the beach.

11. Brain Power

Brain Power

Not only does Gisele love to exercise with her children...she loves to read with them as well! 

12. Brazilian Beauties

Brazilian Beauties

A sunkissed Gisele poses with her lovely baby girl at the pool.

13. Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Mamá and her baby enjoy nature in this scenic shot.

14. Love and Light

Love and Light

“Let the sun shine on you,” Gisele captioned this magnificent shot of her and Vivian enjoying the outdoors.

15. Workout Partners

Workout Partners

Even at a young age, Vivian is her mom’s little gym buddy!

16. Just Me and My Girls

Just Me and My Girls

Gisele, Vivian, and her dog got a little exercise and took a hike together.