Emmy's Exclusive: Ricky Martin Says He's Ready For More TV!

CR: Pari Dukovic/FX

Ricky Martin may not have won the Emmy for his work in FX's American Crime Story: The Assasination of Gianni Versace (He was robbed!), but we have a feeling he'll have plenty more opportunities. We caught up with the Puerto Rican stunner at the 2018 Emmy Awards red carpet where we talked about how long he's been celebrating his nomination, working on the Ryan Murphy series, and whether or not he's looking for another TV project.

"I would love to work with Ryan many [more] times," Ricky told Latina.com. "He's brilliant. I would do whatever he asks me to do. He's really intense. I'm reading a lot of scripts now, which is great."

He added about whether he'd do American Horror Story he responded, "Why not? I'm in, I'm in. Let's see what happens."

Are you listening Ryan Murphy? Ricky is ready to dip into the horror genre and we're here for it!

In the meantime, the father-of-two opened up about why working on American Crime Story was so important to him.

"I'm happy about the fact that [my nomination] was for a very important story that needed to be told," Martin said. "The assasination of Gianni Versace was 20 years ago. The killer was on the list of most wanted by the FBI. And because he was a gay man killing gay men, they looked the other way an allowed it to happen."

Check out our full interview below: