This Latina Reveals Why She Didn't Wear Black to the Golden Globes: 'The Issue Is Bigger Than My Dress Color'

The 2018 Golden Globes were a sea of black. Hollywood's powerful women decided to wear all-black ensembles in support of the Time's Up movement, an anti-harassment initiative. 

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And while celebs such as America Ferrera and  Penelope Cruz opted for monochromatic gowns, one Latina did not. Blanca Blanco was one of the few people who did not commit to wearing black at the award show. Of course, her brightly colored cut-out dress immediately turned heads on the red carpet and many began to criticize the actress on her fashion choice. 

But despite not wearing black, the 36-year-old admits she stands in solidarity with the Hollywood initiative to fight sexual harassment within the entertainment industry and more.

“I love red,” the actress told Fox News. “Wearing red does not mean I am against the movement. I applaud and stand by the courageous actresses that continue to break the cycle of abuse through their actions and fashion style choices. It is one of many factors leading women to a safer place because of their status. I am excited about the #TimesUp movement; true change is long overdue.”

Following the backlash, the actress also took to social media to remind everyone that the #TimesUp movement is more important than a simple fashion choice. "The issue is bigger than my dress color #TIMESUP," Blanco tweeted.

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