The Oscar's First Latina Balloting Leader Martha Ruiz Already Knows Who's Taking Home an Award

Want to Know Who Will Win Big At This Year's Oscar Awards? Martha Ruiz Already Does.

People everywhere are anxiously waiting to know who will win big at this year’s Academy Awards – except Martha Ruiz.

The Peruvian-Mexican is elated as she is the first Latina to serve as co-leader of PwC’s (PricewaterhouseCoopers) balloting team. In other words, she is responsible for overseeing the top-secret votes tabulate and will be eagerly watching from the stage wings as each golden envelope is ripped open on Sunday. Don’t expect to hear the A-List details, though. Trust us, we tried.

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“The most exciting part is seeing everyone’s reactions to the winners," Ruiz told us. "It’s a fun bit, but the moment I enjoy most is that hour leading up to show. As I head over to the theater, I indulge in that short window of listening to the radio. You hear the predictions from the background and realize this is a global event."

The Oscars will be televised in 225 countries and territories. Ruiz isn't permitted to write any of the winners down in advance. So, the thorough memorization of her and her team is imperative, as more than 34 million viewers tuned into last year’s ceremony. We’ll be watching closely for all the info Ruiz already knows.