BREAKING: Selena Gomez Goes to the Emergency Room

Selena Gomez fans should rest easy. Though the pop princess made a visit to the emergency room earlier today, it appears the trip wasn’t a result of anything too serious.

Gomez ended a recording session early due to pain in her throat. With a step-father currently suffering from bronchitis, and fearful that she may be showing symptoms of strep throat, Gomez wanted to take every precaution to ensure that she does not damage those precious vocal chords of hers.

The newly single chica may not have been quite as cautious last night after the American Music Awards. According to E! Online, Gomez and ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber were seen hand holding backstage at the event. Following the AMAs, she attended the private after-party thrown by Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, to help the ex celebrate his AMA success.

While the results of her tests are still out, Gomez is thankfully expected to make a full recovery. However, we bet fans rooting for a reconciliation between the former lovebirds will have their ears perked for any news of Bieber checking into a hospital with similar symptoms.